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Hi all known and unknown friends! I wanted to write my story here for a long time. It is really trivial thing to read on the net I have an affair with a married man. I know that many of... Back to text


August 31, 2014 • by Nevermind

Leave him

Peter Martin

June 27, 2014 • by Peter Martin

Hello Monica,

First of all I want to say sorry for your situation because it just gets to the point about the shortage of finding a good man or just a real man. the point is woman already know that there is a shortage because they settle for taking a good man from another woman, or deal with the fact that the man they are looking for is often right there in front of them But are not willing to give him a chance because he is not popular or maybe it's because they just want what they want. The same thing can be said about men to when it comes to wanting a certain type of woman, But then there are more woman than men depending on where you are living. true love is about loving someone enough to be with them through good times and bad times, it's about loving them even when they stop loving you and decide to love someone else. The most important thing is to love someone enough to let them go. you will ask what do I mean by that the point is we choose to love ,but when you love someone you don't hurt them or the ones they are connected to. you see the man you fell in love with was already involved with someone else and have children by that person he is suppose to love. The point is he will never be able to love you the way you love him because if he did love you the way he is suppose to he would have never allowed you to become involved with him in the first place, because he's married it's funny how we feel that when someone is in a bad relationship that it is our love that can get them out of that situation the truth is that you can't a real man will never leave his wife for another woman if she really loves him, and more importantly he loves her. Now there situations where a man will leave a woman for another woman and a woman will leave a man too. but there are no guarantees when it comes to cheating or taking someone's husband or wife. you need to let him go and move on, and if you are still having trouble deciding what to do think of it this way you are the wife with his child and he's leaving you for her, would you be cool with that? or would you prefer to be the first love and only love of his life and not just the other woman.


September 8, 2013 • by Rownuvich

Let him go nd leav hs family mens are many in dis world if u wnt am de1 ov them u cn search meh:-D


August 30, 2013 • by Prny

go far away from him & his life, for few months try to forget him. it is better to do. & u get married soon with another person who likes u.
or live & share ur life with him & his family


August 30, 2013 • by Prny

go far away from him & his life, for few months try to forget him. it is better to do. & u get married soon with another person who likes u.
or live & share ur life with him & his family


July 9, 2013 • by Schnatzen

we don't choose who we love, it just happens. there are many obstacles. i'd say the best thing is to leave him first, let him fix his life, and if he really loves you and wants to be with you, he will fight for you. again, that is easier said than done. there are many reasons why marriage doesn't work. they may have their own hell, but that is their problem not yours. if you trust his love, then try to do the right thing.


February 17, 2013 • by Hope

find someone sensible its worth it .dont cause pain to any one .it hurts alot.stand up its better u heart for what you was going to do wrong then innocent people' and you be rewarded believe me .take good decesions.


February 17, 2013 • by Liliana

find someone sensible its worth it dont be the one to cause pain to others .it'll be rewarded believe me.stand up thats why we grow older to mature.


February 17, 2013 • by Zoey

It ll be very foolish of u if u stil think he will divorce his wife for u cos he would have done it earlier if he realy wants to be with you. You had better put on your best sexiest dress and go out there to find your own man remember you are 29 already do not waste your time with dat man he might only be attracted to you and want to try something different with some1 else after 10yrs of putting up with his wife only


December 4, 2012 • by Hani

He is going to leave jst the way he doing 2 his wife now so better leave him now

POV of a wife

November 21, 2012 • by POV of a wife

she stalked my blog and one day when she found out that i knew about him having someone else, she came upfront to claim ownership of the situation. then evil she talked about how well his parents were receiving her and stuff like that. at first i thought of divorcing him and indeed went to the lawyers to try get it done... but when the lawyers failed, it suddenly dawned to me that i shouldn't be so easy going on the divorce. why not torture her, the more she wanted me to divorce my hubby, the more she won't get it. and then one day he gets fed up with her and they had an argument and he got ashamed of being with her. but as wife, i'm forgiving and even showing him that i still love him despite all that he had done. he's going to love me forever because no other woman can be so sweet to him. that's how it will be, mistress.


October 18, 2012 • by Enel

u said that u love him? the answer is leave him,leave his family alone.there is no good result if he divorces his wife.just consider the feelings of the children and his is hard to forget him and let go of the feelings because as what have u said both of you love each other and u share the same hobbies.i know its hard but you should learn to let him go.its my opinion afterall you still have the decision.always remember that it is good to be in a relationship but if ur stepping on others feeling it is not worth it specially the guy is married and have children..that's all. GodBless.. i hope you can think about the right thing to do..


October 11, 2012 • by Rahul

Leave him


September 25, 2012 • by Feranmi

Geting marry to him is the most stupid thing you could ever do


August 1, 2012 • by Preethi

Just leave him and search your own way.He is a married guy with a nice wife and children who have all their expectations on their father.You are a divorced lady you can find unmarried guy also.dont spoil the nice family.Be a nice lady,dont go into their way


July 16, 2012 • by Lokesh

he dont divorced her wife and marry u.and sapos he marry u .wht the surity he never show u the same sitution.


June 14, 2012 • by Porch

Darling put yourself in his wife's shoes!! You won't like it if sum1 do that to you! And once u marry him he gna make u pregnant and he will hook off to his next victim!!so SToP this nonsense and find you own man!! Strongs


June 12, 2012 • by David

go fore it how exiting


June 5, 2012 • by Helen

dont let him devorce her wife,'' stop doing this to him.. only that.


May 6, 2012 • by Nikki

listen i know u might think u love him but u dont. I was once married for about almost 8 yrs and my ex husband cheated on me and let me tell u it is the most painful thing to ever happen to any woman. remember once a cheater always a cheater if he divorces her u can bet ur butt he will do the same to u im sure u r a bright woman so dont stay with him ur better then that and u deserve more then a lier so get dressed up put ur best clothes on and go out and find a good man a single man who wont lie to u there are plenty of men out there just wanting the right woman plenty of single men it might hurt leaveing him but u know what hun in the end ur gonna be the bigger person and ur gonna see how foolish he is so go on and find the right man for u


May 3, 2012 • by Patafila

You are one of the most stupid girls in the world. What tells you that the man will not divorce you also and look for another, or even go back to his first wife? You had better look for a single man. They are meny out there. Note: If you sow divorce, you will reap divorce

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