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I'm new here and not really good at saying this type of stuff,I'm just here to share my true story,I'm not a writer or anything,and I've bad grammar I'm a boy so i can't just say stuff like this to... Back to text


November 10, 2014 • by Lokesh

u r love is true bt don't disturb him... because of he's lv another person..... Bee think to happy always him self.... bt u r continu u r true lv.....


June 26, 2014 • by VACs

love its just a part not a life


January 22, 2014 • by A.c

It's not wrong to love someone but it doesn't mean you have to stuck to that love when all along you knew that she can't love you back. Life must go on, she's not the only girl in this world. Maybe your prison to the love that you have for her that's why you can appreciate the other girl that is more better that her. You have to accept that you are not meant for her, because GOD have a better one for you. :-)


January 11, 2014 • by Kelly

it's stupidity sir. get over it. c'mon, she doesnt like for crying out loud! But i can't take that against you. Goodluck and quit being sentimental.


December 19, 2013 • by Buddy

Its a cent percent love but that girl does not need true love...... Just go for some tedious Jobs u will 100% forget about her if she do not pokes u time to time


December 9, 2013 • by Pari

hey dude i think its a stupidity to love someone who dont care for u.


December 2, 2013 • by Tony

Dude its just a crush, since its u r first crush u r finding difficult to forget her, these stuffs often happens in our life,but cent percent this not love, crush ...crush...crush..

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Is This love or Stupid?

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