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Hello, I frequently read your stories and I decided I can write mine, too. I will start by saying that I had a great childhood, but from a certain point I started seeing inappropriate people. When I was 19, my... Back to text


June 23, 2012 • by Ram

just tell him the truth and if he loves you , he will be with you . your life will become easier if you tell him the whole thing ,the burden will be removed and may be you will have happier life


May 27, 2011 • by Pink

you have to tell him the truth instead of treating him bad.. If he really loves you, he will not leave you. honesty is very important in a relationship. And the truth will set you free. I know its hard to do it but you have to. If you were in his shoes, what do you prefer? do you want to be treated badly without even knowing whats going on? Its hard to find a man who can love you seriously..

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It is lying on my conscience

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