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I was in 4th year high school where i first met him i was amaze by him; his not a guy that every girls dream on,.. but for me he is the one i dream for, it so pathetic because... Back to text

Nikhil disena

April 29, 2013 • by Nikhil disena

Just tell him about ur feelings.

He would luv to be ur frnd.

If he refuses then just let him go.

He doesnt deserve you.


April 19, 2013 • by Nihar

Hi Zhappy,
Just keep waiting & be patient because one day he will definitely like u....
If u believe god.

Love u Dear


April 17, 2013 • by Shielo

try to confess ur feeling by him..or just move on girl...thats not real love ur feeling right now.

Aly gurl in love

April 5, 2013 • by Aly gurl in love

Aw this is so sweet. I say that you shouldn't wait for him to make a move because you might miss your chance. I say made the first move and at least speak a few words to him and spark up the conversation!

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My crazy love

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