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Hello everyone, I have been also reading the blogs of the people that have shared their personal problems here. I have been married for almost 29 years. For the past 2 or 3 years, I have been having the feeling... Back to text


August 7, 2014 • by Hazel

i tink ur husband hs lost all the love he had 4 u. nw itz ur choice either to wait 4 hm o to move on. incse u wnt to wait dn try impresng by your luks n dressng style n also by cooking. if u wnt to move on dn 1st try hvng phne sex wid guys n dn real sex. u vl dfinitly feel btr.


March 9, 2014 • by Mdla

Its is painful bt u must let it go cauz its part of lyfe


August 14, 2013 • by Jossy

My advise to you is that you should try to forgive him. Make yourselve more attractive to, satisfy him sexually and do all you know you can do to make him forget about the colleaque. Don't allow your marriage to fall apart because of any rifraf

August 10, 2013 • by

dear i thing you make relation (sex) to your husband beacause too seee sex in no important but b u t but sex ismost imortant to save the realaytionship

Leave it to Fate

November 21, 2012 • by Leave it to Fate

when i found my husband cheating on me, my world was literally destroyed. i tried to file a divorce, but not sure what fate stored for me, i spent like $1.2k and nothing came out of it. after a while, middle of this year, i found out that they broke off. had a few serious words with him but stayed in contact. and while i was open to maybe receive any other guy who may be better, i found myself comparing them to him and still he is best despite cheating behind my back. he didn't want me to find out actually, but when i did, he just didn't hide it anymore. oh well, we're on talking terms and recently found myself asking him to come back. maybe the failed divorce and my failure to accept anyone else was fate's way to tell me that the marriage isn't ending just yet. i don't know about you nor whether your husband just takes that as a 'fling'.


November 12, 2012 • by Theresa

to be honest ... do you want to be a marriage that is painful and unhappy? Deep down inside you know the answer, you just need to act on it.. I know its hard, bt sometimes t's better to just let go. U dont deserve to be treated like that. all the best in what ever decision you make :) x

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The Cheating Husband

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