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We started along on a rough path, she hatted me. I haven't the slightest clue what I did to make her stop. We started dating, we were happy. We began fighting every now and then, but I still loved her.... Back to text


September 21, 2012 • by LmNoP

We began to speak again for about a week and she was angry with me for "abandoning" her, even though she said she never wanted to talk to me again. Then we got along one thing led to another and our conversations began to seem as though attempting to pull teeth. I'm now ignoring her and plan to do so. Neither of us want each other back, honestly but I still really care for her. She needs attention is the thing and as much as I try to give it to her, it seems to never be quite enough. Her and I have had our issues and we're not the same as we were to begin with but I dont think either of us are really willing to put an effort in anymore. We can both see its over and there's no point in trying to sew the already healed wound so to speak. I found something the day I wrote this piece and it totally changed my view on her. I was overwhelmed with happiness when I found it but now I cant even stand to read it. I know she still loves me, and I still love her but there is no future there. Reading this piece, I can hardly believe I wrote it! I impressed myself D:


September 18, 2012 • by Loventime

She sounds like my Ex and you sound like me. She seems to have an avoidant attachment style (afraid closeness impedes on her independence) and you seem to have an anxious attachment style. Those two attachment styles attract each other, but the avoidant will always push you away for fear of getting too close.

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The Pathetic Love...

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