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Ther war a boy we were in same clas bt 1 day we fought wit eachother.we didnt talk for 4 years bt now we both r at 12clas he always lok at me.i was confuse y he always lok at... Back to text


July 3, 2013 • by Akanksha

you must chng ur thinking... Aap usk sath khus ho to Kya frk pdta hai ki dunia kya sochti hai...


July 2, 2013 • by Ajay

Dont care about the people..if u luv him thn u mst stay with him.forgot peoples,peoples are worst for the luv always..


July 2, 2013 • by Kumar

Ya realy nice love story.... However ur love sudnt breakup.. Come wat may.. Striv upto succed ur lov al d best


June 25, 2013 • by Momo

you have to stay with him


June 23, 2013 • by Yusufkhan

That is luv,never give of in life.

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What kind of love is this

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