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Comments for When there is no way out... you start looking for a way in

It is a long story but I wish to present it in 10 lines and I’ll try! Just 5-6 years ago I had a happy marriage with 2 beautiful children. Then SHE appeared, and turned our life into HELL,... Back to text


September 9, 2012 • by Navya

if this can happen after marriage means then, the mistake is on ur part alone...ur husband has got a double minded personality...u should have loved him in such a way that, whatever situation he faces in his life, ur love for him should stop him before doing that act...he has lost the taste of ur love or got bored out of ur uncaring activities...u havent spent the same time as before with ur husband thats what his mind would have changed when a girl showed more care than u...and he would have seen something unique from her than dont worry still u have time...from today start loving ur husband in the way he wants...make him realise that, the one whom he is in relationship is acting not loving...u change first and everything change arround u...spend a lot of time...thats what have made him get bored out off you...


September 10, 2010 • by James

Email your phone number and a time when you can speak freely to and I will call you. I want to talk to you.


March 30, 2005 • by Renee

Im going threw something like what you are iv'e been with my son's father for 6 years and he was my first love.It was so bad that he denyied my son for along time and when my son was born he was very sick and he turned his back on us but you know what I forgave him thinking that thing was going to get better.Then he started cheating on me.Im only 24 years old my son a i is now living with him because I have no where else to go.out of 7 days in a week he's home twice.I tried to leave before and he found me and he beat and told me if i leave he was going to kill me what im i to do? He do not let my family come visit me.I need a way out so i know what you mean.


March 15, 2005 • by Rachael

I want to share with you the story of my boyfriend's parents. It was this year when they finally got divorced after more than 10 years of unbearable scandals, cheating and insult.
Anyways, my boyfriend's father had had a mistress for more than 7 years. This woman used to call my boyfriend's(Jesse) mother and talk dirty or insulting words to her, assuring her that her husband would leave her very soon. Jesse's mom had leucemia and these made her state even worse - she was mentally and physically collapsed. It was 4 times she tried to suicide. Her husband was constantly denying that he had another relationship. Jesse's mother passed through chemotherapy, hardship and scary nightmares - she started innovative medications and now she is much better but her husband finally confessed about his relationship. They got divorced and now, in his 50s he is brand newly married for a 30 yo woman. But Jesse's mother survived. Her strenght and spirit give me hope that women can be strong and independent even in such extreme situations, having passed through such pain and misery! My advice is: never lose the courage to leave first and always consider the way out a possible one...
Best, Rachael


March 14, 2005 • by Leese

I am sorry for what you are going through. My husband just ended a 3 and a half year affair.
He chose to stay with me. The crazy thing is..there is no trust left. I think to myself what the heck am I doing with this man? He is a liar and a cheat. I feel as though I don't even know him.
Think about that before you decide to accept your husbands affair. Everything changes.
Take care of yourself.

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When there is no way out... you start looking for a way in

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