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Hi everyone! I hope you'll at least here I’ll be heard. I met him 2 years ago and we are together for a year and a half... I don’t know what happened to me the last few months I’m unbearably... Back to text


February 6, 2014 • by Jes

Your stroy is grt,u r jelous bcos u love him if he is talkin vit anther gal den u jst leave him n find


April 28, 2013 • by Saifu

hai writer i have your story its heart touching i suggest you to leave him and live a life like free bird i think you cant do it because you loves him that much so you should trust him not blindly if you cant trust its not love and also you cant argue with that girl becoz she is the first one then only you dont worry i had this situation too but it was a girl i left her


January 31, 2012 • by Mariam

if i was u i tell him u know dat u dont like he talkin 2 others girl cuz im sure he wont like u alkin 2 other guys so just give him a opportunity but if he keeps talkin 2 others girl in a way u see its flirtin oohh bye bye


February 23, 2010 • by Bj

This is not jealousy. This is loss of trust. Where there is no trust, there is no existence of any relationship. If you love him you have to trust him. But dont trust him blindly. Make him promise to you that he loves you too.

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Why should it be this way?

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