itz our love story

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hiii...i think this is the time i should share my story with you people....i was just 18 when i met him in a coaching centre.He is young,cute & had become my daily routine to wait 4 him after my classes gt over,just 4 his 1 luk...soon i realise that i hv fallen 4 him.with time we became gud friendz(all bcz f my efforts) & den once he proposed me..(even if knowing that i am 2yrs elder than him &of different caste,bcz dese things really matters in hindu religion)that was the happiest day for has been 3 yrs we are still in a relationship with many up and downs,break ups and patch ups...but with every break ups our love and respect for each other nly increased.we love each other that does not mean we nvr fights...those sily fights are the only facts that makes us realise the everlasting love between us...i may not be your first love bubu but i want to b the last for you..sometimes i say u dat i wnt understand you but this is the nly fact why i want to discover you more and more....i want to spend my rest of the life in discovering u...knowing u more..loving you more...sooo Mr.Suryakant jena will you marry me????