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I am pregnant, but I am scared

by Lina

You might get bored with a wish-wash story. I wished so much to have kids. I made an abortion three years ago, it was not the right moment/financial difficulties, other headaches, as well as antibiotics taken in the beginning of my pregnancy, very small fetus in the 3rd month/ but I wanted so much… It was very hard for me since that time. We’ve been trying for a long time after that, until we understood the problem, we solved it, and it happened right after that. He was very happy, after he saw the test, he was glad. But he...

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Is this normal?

by Rumi

I have 5 years' connection with a person whom we love very much. I am 28 and he 27. Until about a year ago categorically deny and not want to have a child. I wish to appear suddenly and when I told him he replied that he did not want now, because according to him the best and would have to be born in the spring. I feel deceived and cheated. Now I doubt everything. Can you think someone who loves you and who claimed that he wanted a child from you for a long time now to go with...

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