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True Love truned into nightmare

by James

Hi, my name is James and my wife name is Angel. We have been together now for 5 years. Let me start with my background before I met my wife. Like all men, I too was enjoying my life to the fullest. I had lot of friends; went on a weekend outing, drinks, party and so on. I am a Christian and she is a Hindu and I had a lot of opposition from my parents and families. Even my friends advised me to stop seeing her and start new considering the consequences. But I was so much in love...

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Jealousy or what

by Abby

I have been married for five wonderful years. We have it all mutual understanding, common interests, good sex life, nothing to complain about not even financial troubles. But I have a problem. My husband is one of those charming men with perfect manners who captivate everyone with ease. That is one of the reasons why I married him but nowadays this part of his personality makes me nervous. It really bothers me when he pays attention to other women or when they pay too much attention to him. It doesn’t matter if it is a family friend, a waitress,...

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I became a laughing stock because I love him

by Tarra

God, I don’t even know how to start this story. I met a man a year and a half ago, at the beginning I wasn’t very much impressed, but with time I started to have feelings for him and he did for me. We were living in the same neighbourhood and met very often, so he started hitting on me, inviting me on dates. At first I refused, but one day I decided to go out with him and our relationship continued. I fell in love with him and gradually found out that he is the man, the one of...

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My intense love turned into burden

by Madonna

Hi there, my story might sound commonplace to you, but I don’t know whom to turn to for advice. Our marriage is almost 10 years old. The last two years I sense a change in his behavior, but I don’t know where it comes from. His cold attitude and ignorance is making me nervous. He never gave me reasons to be jealous of him so far, but I have certain doubts that he wants his freedom and whenever I try to limit him he gets even more irritated. He usually doesn’t go out alone, only sometimes with friends,...

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I am jealous of him, help me...

by Lolita

Hi there! I am a confused 17 year old girl. I have a two year relationship. Our relationship is amazing, we have never had arguments, we don’t even quarrel. He takes good care of me. The problem is that I am very jealous of him. I am jealous of his friends, female friends, even his work. He never gave me reasons to be jealous. A month ago I wasn’t as jealous as I am now. Last weekend he went on vacation with his friends. I wasn’t with them. And it all started. I keep on telling him that I...

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Am I jealous or is he a philanderer?

by Ann

I am trying to answer this question, but trust me, it’s very difficult! I love my husband very much; we have been married for 8 years now, the first three of which we were separated, because we used to live in different countries. But now we are already together. It was all perfect at the beginning and I was even scared to share it, because we all know the saying that "Too much good is not good". I started noticing that whenever we are in a company with lots of handsome men around, my husband stays close and is...

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How do you overcome jealousy....?!

by Alba

We have been together for almost a year now, I love him very much, but I go too far in my jealousy. I think that I risk losing him with this jealousy of mine and this is the least I want. At the beginning things were quite different. When we first met, he had a girlfriend and he lied to me a lot, and to be more precise I will tell you in what way. At first he told me they are not together anymore. I was gullible, because I wanted to be with...

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Mine is mine, the rest is common.

by Tyty

I have a big shortcoming and it is that I play on the rule – “mine is mine the rest is common” When somebody came into my perimeter, my jealousy goes out of control and I am able to do everything. But if I am in somebody’s perimeter I am allowed to everything, and I don’t care too much. I follow my aim all the ways. Please tell me how can I get rid of my possessive attitude?

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If I feel that love is fading away….


I’m asking for an advice, not for criticism! If you don’t have an advice for me you moral, “perfect”, “free from sin” people, keep your opinion for yourself, please! I have lived abroad for a long time and this site has been my best friend, my only advisor and my only vent. My warmest thanks to all of you who manage it and to those who post in it (apart from the ones mentioned above). Various circumstances made me run off the rails – one year of misery; I lost my...

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Am I jealous or is he a flirt?

by Pegi

I’m trying to find the answer to this question and it’s really hard for me, believe me! I truly love my husband with whom we’ve been married for 8 years, the first 3 of which we spent living separately in different countries. Now we are already together. In the beginning everything was perfect and I even feared sharing this with others because people say “it’s too good to last”. So, I’ve noticed recently that when we are in a company with handsome men my husband is constantly around me and he is very kind and affectionate to me....

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How to overcome jealousy...?!

by Anonymous

Together we are already almost a year, much love, but put it with jealousy, I think that with such zeal that dare lose it, but I at least want it. From the beginning things were not as they are now. When we met he had a girlfriend and I lied a lot and to myself in particular, will tell you how. Initially I was told that they were separated, I was naive, because many wanted to own it and believe his every word without hesitation, that still does not know him and have no right "to believe...

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