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He doesn’t even consider kissing me

by Mina

I am married for two years now and I am already used to the impatience of my husband, every time we go to bed he wants to make wild sex (Ok, not every day, but 3-4 times a week). But after it’s over he totally loses interest in me – he immediately turns to the other side and falls deeply asleep. He is not as kind as to kiss me, or caress me – he falls asleep in his half of the bed, as if I don’t exist. And this gets from bad to worse for me. I am asking...

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I got involved by myself in this mess, but how...

by Kay

Hello! I read your stories and I got the courage to ask for your advice, because I don’t know any more what to do. So that’s my story. I am 27 year old, married for two years, I have normal relationship with my husband, sometimes we understand each other, sometimes we fight, we make compromises, but he is not my biggest love and that’s the problem, he is not very interested in me – where I am and what I do. I’ve met the other before I got married – we were just friends in a same company, we were...

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by Lulu

I appeal to the women, who are not spoilt, which insist on their principals, but are forced to compromise, I appeal to the resigned mothers who combine family with career, and I appeal to the beautiful loners. I have married 13 years ago against my parent’s will. I’ve been crying in my first marriage night, sitting on the bedroom suit. I gave birth to two children, which are very close with me. They painfully miss me, when I am travelling, or I am working, or I am under treatment far from home. I will not go in details about my...

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Does the size matters?

by Ryana

Dear, Ladies, I am shocked and I have nobody to share, that’s why I address this to you. I am an independent woman, middle age, educated, well looking. I had several relations with men/4 exactly/, which fizzled out, because of complete incompatibility. Finally I’ve met the man of my dreams – beautiful, intelligent, tender, kind. I fell in love, so he did. I was about to faint when I saw him for the first time without clothes, I’ m serious. I could not believe, a man 190m.tall, with wide shoulders, has penis with the size of my thumb, and his...

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I wish you won't blame me

by Gabby

My love, Sinful, secret, insatiable. You came and shattered my life as a spring storm, you hurled away my peaceful days and nights. You keep a tight rein on me and lead me in an unknown direction. Where will I find myself? Who can give me the answer? The curtain of the future is closed and I can’t see the end of this love – sudden, temporary, forbidden. I love you! I love you to distraction with that sinful love of a married woman, torn apart between the allowed and the forbidden, the workday and the expectation. I...

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