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I am married for two years now and I am already used to the impatience of my husband, every time we go to bed he wants to make wild sex (Ok, not every day, but 3-4 times a week). But... Back to text


October 29, 2014 • by Sona

you need to makeover yourself mans become boring after some time of marriage this upto you tht how you can put yourself into an attractive lady .. They never show there love because they r mature nd they think yu understand better that he loves you .. So dont be upsad go out nd change your look nd plan a vacation ..


October 26, 2014 • by Maggi

Be strong.. Dont be hesitant at all. he is ur husband. he has married u. be dtraight forward n tell him ur needs. he vill undrstnd.. or u deny for sex one day..n then have a tok wth him. be confident n try to be more bold..because its a mtter of liftime. take care.*


September 30, 2014 • by Maya

Better u start enjoying sex with him show him ur wildness and throw him aside after sex...make urself feel u r using him and make him also feel the same that u r of no use except sex..U.ll feel better that u r not been used by him u r using him... And for God's sake Don't search for love.. Love hardly exists now a days..better u enjoy what u have..try to be happy... Hope u got my point


September 19, 2014 • by Jude

As long as he loves you or as long as you love him, I guess it's fine. And if you really love him, you will love without expecting anything in return. Life need not be perfect. It's not how much you get, but rather how much you have given. That's love. And when you feel this way, talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Telling someone doesn't make it begging.

Jovin jordan

September 14, 2014 • by Jovin jordan name is jovin jordan from East Africa...i thnk there is no a problem with your husband but u need to make him undestandable how u feel to him


September 11, 2014 • by Miyu

There's nothing to worry about this. Your husband having sex with you all the time means he's not being satisfied by anyone else, I'm sure he's being loyal to you.


August 21, 2014 • by Cent

First of all if I may ask,he has been doing this from the first day you slept with him?if no,it means things have changed he's not loving you no more.

Peter Martin

June 22, 2014 • by Peter Martin

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May 23, 2014 • by Kay

Hey sugar x As much as I hate to convey x He is using
You just for relief at end of day then pass out x making love isn't like this x It may mean something to you I agree x However men use you as like this it's just plain relief for then to orgasm then thankyou ! X Then your forgotten about until his desires n needs are met again x talking will not always do x end of leave him sweetie another man will treat you as like you need treated x one your with uses you selfishly xxx ;-) be happy it's an option x don't be sad it's a burden x mwah


March 27, 2014 • by Teller.

Hey that was a very good share.

IF i had to tell you what to do then i would say you are not getting the attention you deserve.. i am guessing this is also true out of bed too.. well to start give him some comfortable good time where he feels surprised and happy.. that will make him realize you love him and you care for him.. stop making love so often and make him wait.. even if you to make love try to do more foreplay if he is up to it..this will bring forward the fact that you are important too and you have the power to decline and also this will seduce him if you are really good at this you may also end up making this a game for him where he would need to pursue you for sex in a seductive way.. I hope this will spice things up.. i am sure he will pay attention to you.


January 7, 2014 • by Rafick

De problm startd @ de bgnin wen u wea in relationshp u ddnt evn shred kisses 2 each othr dat wz a mater.

Yuki Xiong

December 17, 2013 • by Yuki Xiong

i wish you happiness.


October 17, 2013 • by Echizen

I may be as young as 19 but with matters like that, this is what I think is best to give you an advice :)

My mom and dad are married for 19 years..they have been through ups and downs...

then something happened last 2 months that shocked me and my sister.. my dad has an affair with a younger woman.. of course when my mother known it, she cried for days that seems like the world is getting an end for her...

during their marriage, there are times when my dad is so busy for work and even in our house that he scolded us for even small things because of stress.. time by time he was absorbed by it that actually he had barely had time for my mom..

going back.. after my mom cried for days, she was given advice from her sisters officemates and everyone close to her.. my mom is so strong that for like two weeks she regain strength that she tried to slowly work things out..

my mom and dad work things out... my dad after the sufferings of my mom promised to never do it again. he said he was lost...but in the end they regain their marriage..

well, aside from having sex. (of course it is actually important but try to do some things) have time with your husband doing fun things... like cooking a meal together, spend alone at the beach talking over things or go at the park, watch a movie together or other happy things.. it doesn't mean your married you would end doing things like this. Promise a spark will bring you back together. .. having time with you two alone will actually make an assessment over..

that's what my mom and dad do now and its nice to see they are working things out like that

well, good luck! :)


August 23, 2013 • by JE5MIE

i've seen no love in his deeds. for a person u love, u can kiss them more than 55 times a day. i have'nt had any true love, but 4 a person i love really i can do anything


August 21, 2013 • by Sally

u dont have sex with him sleep in different room. make him feel he cant stay happy without you.pretend u tlking to other guy tell u love the guy it makes pay attention on you. before he come home u just sleep say u tired try avoid u sex dont give him it. it will mk change u get ur love


July 31, 2013 • by Loveprincess

We ladies need respect and we need to be loved and cared for we dont need wild sex all the time think about it if you were a lady or if you are would you like ur husband making you have wild sex all the time


July 9, 2013 • by Rina

nice suggestion...:)


July 8, 2013 • by Ramona

You have to remember what made you fall in love with him.Is that still there?Otr is something else bothering you?You have to be satisfied with yourself,to fully satisfy your man.


May 31, 2013 • by Gentle

that is right that all men are the tow side of the same coin but you can find the gentle one. your problem is a bit complicated you know you fell shy you have mention all you want to have them in your sex time by the way how he behaves you other time ? don't feel shy go a head that is your life if i were you i would beg for my life think that all couples do the right thing in their life ? don't they have problems in there life such as you ?


May 10, 2013 • by Guest

Try spending some quality time together outside the bedroom. Then, when you do hit the hay, perhaps a little tired, there will be more of a bond.

Reading between the lines here but are you having a warm relationship outside the sack? That might be where the issue lies.

If it's wake-work-eat-fuck-sleep 7 days a wee and no quality time then that's not going to really help anyone.

Blokes do tend to fall asleep after sex. Don't worry about that. Perhaps try some bedtime without sex too. Then when it does happen you both might appreciate each other more.

India lady

March 11, 2013 • by India lady

I was shocked when i read ur massage. Am truilly sorry, all i have 2 say is keep on making him happy. Respect him nd wen he comes back 4rm work, just get him delious meal.


February 27, 2013 • by Genus

makes me feel u are a indian asshole by luking at ur comments..shes a human not a piece of trash that after use he turns his back and sleeps...if he is doing that probably his a disgraceful men..if he has pressure he is man enough to handle it...or no balls to handle it? common..if ur wife climbs on u and once all is done ignores u how wud u feel? mr nitish..advise wea applicable asshole


September 26, 2012 • by ANN

If he really loves you. He will not act like that!


September 18, 2012 • by Loventime

Your husband could have an avoidant attachment style. Look it up.


September 4, 2012 • by Relation-Builder

First of all, that is common with men and hyper with some of them.
Also, their a difference between telling or sharing a problem and begging
So, you can discuss the issue with him

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He doesn’t even consider kissing me

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