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How can I live in peace with myself?

by Mary

Hello! Recently I feel very bad – I have no self confidence, no mood, no wish for doing something, I am very confused… Probably I am depressed, but I feel awfully! We are living together with my boy-friend for one and a half year, but I am very suspicious about his feelings. He is very kind with me, but I am bored all the time, angry, I don’t know what’s going on with me? I wish to be in peace with myself, but I don’t know how. How can I relax and how can I believe in myself? I feel...

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Serious problem with weight ...:(

by Little

Hello, I have a serious problem with weight and it therefore my fault, and I write to help me with advice. So my weight was normal and felt good, but one day just like that a joke I thought 1 or 2 kilograms less will be good for me. And I started a diet, but once you download a few and you wish to further thin and so I began to do experiments with literally their weight. And so to the latter diet, which did of Lydia Kovatcheva - indeed I took everything unnecessary, but come see me now -...

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How to get rid of its complex?

by Eliza

Hello! :):):) For quite some time reading this site you Needless to say that I like I want to ask you to give me advice on a personal matter connected with my body, which dislikes. Things are like this: I am 19 old, normal physique, do not look bad, pretty person perspective as I am around people I was determined. I graduated from a prestigious school, took me to a great university, I found a job for the summer. In a word, I am not the girls who love to waste their time, do not like to shlaya, did quite...

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