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The Love of My Life

by Virtual Love

i m a mature 38 years old male. 2 months ago i met a woman on a chat site.we began to talk everyday.i saw her via cam and she saw me too. we bothe fell in love with each other.but there is a problem she is married and i m too. there r kids. we call each other as husband and wife. we r scared about to come nither her nor i can stay away from each other. i dont wanna loose my family but i dont wanna loose my virtual life love.she thinks the same.we r not kids...

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Bad action

by Joan

Not know how to begin, before 4 months, this would be an wonderful story, which, however, I turn into a nightmare. It all started 4 years ago. I met with him in an American chat room, which used to exercise his tongue. She lived in New York and wanted to see me only 2 months after our acquaintance. Everything was going as well as in fairy tales, so the better. As is seen, every 2 months or here, or more often to some exotic place, which features both izbirahme.Loshata it was his jealousy and distrust sometimes, otherwise everything else was...

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The beauty and the male-virgin

by kikki_dee

Hi, I was in a situation that totally confused me and I’ll be happy if you help me with an advice. I’m dating a 23-year-old guy, nothing special on the outside. I’m with him because he is an interesting person – from a psychological point of view. For the first time I meet such a shy man. All in all, we are absolutely different. In other words, I’m too impulsive, warm-blooded and energetic for him. But this is not my point! We won’t be together forever. That’s clear! But for me sex was never a taboo topic. I may...

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