Bad action

by Joan True stories e-Love 2 comments

Not know how to begin, before 4 months, this would be an wonderful story, which, however, I turn into a nightmare.

It all started 4 years ago.

I met with him in an American chat room, which used to exercise his tongue. She lived in New York and wanted to see me only 2 months after our acquaintance.

Everything was going as well as in fairy tales, so the better. As is seen, every 2 months or here, or more often to some exotic place, which features both izbirahme.Loshata it was his jealousy and distrust sometimes, otherwise everything else was wonderful. I have dealt treacherously! Always been alone for the truth I said it! There was a reason for my iznevyara.Beshe am sick of this jealousy and nedovolstvo.Byah tired of his interrogation!

He can not afford to accept the fact and for the first time I could hear crying, izmachva.Beshe how awful!

Parted! Now 4 months later, after his numerous calls asking me for a second chance, as said separation is impossible for me nego.Razdyalata it is something nemozhe to swallow, despite attempts in these 4 months, but here there is one condition that he set, but it is:

It wanted to tell you about the man himself who was with him and promise that I will try not to repeat!

I can not do it, although I would like to have a second chance with him!

I think this may be a bad game, but he assures me that e.Imam mind that maybe I could throw him forever?

Please, if someone can give me advice from personal experience or in general, I will facilitate the response, which should give you very soon.

Thank you in advance!