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I hate you because I love you, and it hurts...

by Monika

I hate you so much! I hate you, because you make me fall asleep in tears every night… and with each tear I hate you more, because it hurts me more. I hate you, because you frozen the blood in my veins…and you made the smile vanish of my face. I hate you, because any object is reminding of you … and you left my soul rambling naked. I hate you so much, that your name leaves me breathless, but when I hear it the hope for tomorrow is taken away. I hate your shadow – your silhouette is...

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Friend - rival

by anonymous

I am 38 y. old and happily married for many years. We have two wonderful children. I have a problem that many wives have, so I would like to help me with advice. My husband has a childhood friend who married 3-4 years after us to a woman I can briefly describe as the dream woman for every man - pretty, with nice body, kind, helpful, etc. I also liked her we are family friends for many years. My husband is not the type womanizer, and keeps family and family values close to his heart and with few exceptions we...

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by Lusia

I’m married abroad and my life is a hell. He works a lot all the time – 12 hours a day. He never pays me enough attention and my opinion is of no great importance to him. We rarely have sex… He has forbidden me to find a job in my line. I work in his company but I’m not fond of my responsibilities, my co-workers and my salary. He said he will never divorce me, his family is such snobs. I use three languages and I have university education, but they don’t care...

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