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Comments for I hate you because I love you, and it hurts of this…!

I hate you so much! I hate you, because you make me fall asleep in tears every night… and with each tear I hate you more, because it hurts me more. I hate you, because you frozen the blood in... Back to text


November 29, 2014 • by Sonu

I hate love


July 18, 2014 • by Juvie

*** i like it because i can relate myself to what your situation is . i think we both feel the same way . and i thought i was the only one who feel that way but i was wrong .. CHEER UP ! LOVE is AROUND !lets not insist our self to someone who cant even see and feel our worth ..
THANKYOU to the one who share the hatred she feels .. :)


March 24, 2014 • by Hanna

It's a work of art, it's not meant to be taken literally. I think it's beautiful.

Zarqoon zehra

August 24, 2013 • by Zarqoon zehra

tHe One who haTes u...alWaya is the One who loVe you to express it...juxt bcoz of its damn attitude...huh!


June 12, 2013 • by A.M

Dont put your life on a string , Because of one guy when there is hundreds of more out there looking for a girl like you . If you fall down and stay there you are just giving him pleasure "the guy that hurt you" but that is not the way, move on show what you were made for take the time of day to show your beautiful women spirit .


Yuri khara

March 30, 2013 • by Yuri khara

you'll gonna forget all about him just trust in your self and have confidence on it :)


March 5, 2013 • by Goloba

Its good to hate him cause he took the of yourself.


November 13, 2012 • by Theresa

the opp of love is hate .... the more you hate him, he more you really love him


October 8, 2012 • by Dara

for me you can believe that you can achieve your goals to your life for hating your love one.


September 29, 2012 • by Piya

ur story reminds me of d pain thru vch i hav passd.............
so close to my heart
i too hate my 1 n only love....
i hate him coz he shattered al my dreams n d worst thing ,he is not evn concious enuf.
he didnt even lukd bak 2 c wid wat he had left me..
he didnt even realise i passed every single nyt feeling so helpless in 4getting him.
he spoiled every beutiful thing in dis world 4 me....


July 13, 2012 • by Su'ada

my opinion ,its possible to hate some one u love,but its not must that ex hated love to forget, i wana tell u 1thing plz dont hate some one so deeply ,that hate will give up extra luv


May 11, 2012 • by Arlee

Its so possible- in fact I think I only can hate that which I've loved before or still love. The contempt and despise and disgust I may have for others is one thing- they cannot hurt me. But the people I truly hate, I hate because I loved so much I could be hurt that much by them.

I hate love

October 12, 2011 • by I hate love

believe me it will know what we mean when you feel that way...but i truly hope you will never experience that feeling for your own sake...


October 4, 2011 • by Frankiboy

The content of your story seems all paradoxical...The antithetical make up of the language is also good...but I have this to tell u:It's not possible for one to love what one hates

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I hate you because I love you, and it hurts of this…!

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