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Paranoid and Over Protective Parents

by DamnLife

So, let me begin my ever so shitty life. You see, I'm an only child. I grew up without my parents because they work abroad so that they can give me a happy and satisfied life. Ever since I was a kid I never saw them once. Until I was on grade 4. When I turned 11. They came back home. That was the first time I saw them. Here's the thing... so usually I should be happy right? But...damn! Hell to the NO! Ever since they came back THEY NEVER LET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE! I MEAN,...

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Tell me Y I am like this??

by crazy

hello everyone, I'am a 15 year old teenager that always living a tough life wit my family. I may sound boring but all this words come from my heart and head. We are a happy family just that i am always the one that do things bad. I go to bed late everyday,don't eat like for 1 week and i feel normal. My brothers are on drugs. And i don't like them doing those bad thing. I don't know what to tell them or do with them. My mom has a boyfriend that i don't like. He think that I...

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What should i do?!!

by nina

I don't know what to say or from where i'll start... My problem is my father, he is hypocrite, skimpy, fanatic... he has made ​​me curse the day i was born, Curse being a girl. He is very fanatic 'girls can't wear this or do and say that.... 'what can i do ?!!!! in a family and a society like this there are not many options, if one day i dared to say :that's enough, I'm old enough to take my decisions, i'll be considered 'Disobedient' so he has the right to smash my face and expel me from the...

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