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Dear, Ladies, I am shocked and I have nobody to share, that’s why I address this to you. I am an independent woman, middle age, educated, well looking. I had several relations with men/4 exactly/, which fizzled out, because of... Back to text


September 19, 2014 • by Jude

Are you asking us this or are you asking yourself? Love is beyond sex. For love, some people would sacrifice even their lives. If love has conditions then what is the point in loving someone and saying you do. You don't love him, that's all. There are women and men who don't have sex even in this age. You're lucky to have experienced it. I think you know the answer to your question. And you don't need to hear it from others.

Peter Martin

June 27, 2014 • by Peter Martin


It's important to spend time knowing each others fantasies by learning how to have sex without penetration, there are many different ways to approach the issue but the main way is communication with the senses by touch, emotion, and even intimacy I'm reminded of a movie that taught me something It was called waiting to exhale the woman who liked pretty boys with big sticks, at least until she met Daryl who wanted to know how she felt after they had sex. she flinched because she didn't want to hurt his feeling, but then he got personal what's her fantasy what does she want from a man, after she showed him how she felt sexy and young and didn't care anymore so he felt like the real thing. so when you're both lying in bed after being intimate and just enjoying the moment after just take the time to be honest and gentil with the way you feel and you both will find the rest along the way.


March 27, 2014 • by Teller.

Size will not matter scientifically specking women have nerves only till a depth of 4cms that i am sure is very less.. even if the man has a long penis you can feel only a part of it.. the stigma of size has come very recently with cultural influence. apart from that you have to really explore both of your sexuality.. now that you already have this insecurity i really feel you have try harder to have an open mind.


July 14, 2013 • by Trice

Penis size does matter I agree with you girl


June 23, 2013 • by Maxs

Yes i gree with lady


May 31, 2013 • by Faith

well iam not in your position exactly to pass judgement as i consider sex is important but again half or 50% of couple's life. the rest of our relation depend on out character- personality and so i have heard that the size is not really the matter. further more is depends on individuals how she fell content with short penis


April 26, 2013 • by Secret

i agree to you


September 4, 2012 • by Truth

This is a story written by a man wasting our time


May 11, 2012 • by Harsh

Hey Mina,just wanted to tell you that i also had a girfriend.We were friends since 13yrs,also she lives 3blocks away from my home.Our families also bond together.We were in the same class and all those things.But we broke up.She always thought that she had small sized boobs (actually they were normal size)she always wanted to get them enlarged.The day when she got the operation done she has vowed that she will not undergo the knife once again in her lifetime.


February 26, 2012 • by Gudhart

Jokes apart, i just wonder at people saying and ranting size doesnt matter, it does matter like mentioned. Sex does matter for a healthy relationship. Appreciate the openess and let people realise that physical involvement is also necessary for a satisfied and content life.


January 16, 2010 • by Baby

My new friend has a very small penis compared to former sex, but overall it is a great scary prodalzhava is delicate and pretty long. I'm pleased When I'm on top then I reached orgasm I recommend you to try it


January 16, 2010 • by Maria

I think that a good size is about 18-20cm .. I would say try some high and you will understand the difference ..

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Does the size matters?

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