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Hi there! I am a confused 17 year old girl. I have a two year relationship. Our relationship is amazing, we have never had arguments, we don’t even quarrel. He takes good care of me. The problem is that I... Back to text


September 14, 2014 • by Prince

Just talk to him if he truly loves u he will understand it

Febian endurance

February 26, 2014 • by Febian endurance

what u ar doin is nt right,he is ur husband and i knw that u luv him,so whatever u doin be careful


November 9, 2013 • by Jena

i think you should talk to him about it...if he loves you he will understand


October 6, 2013 • by Linda

Omg this is EXACTLY how I feel. I am also 17 years old. But to me, it's worse. I get jealous of his family. Because of the attention he gives them. It's insane. I must be crazy. Really. And he is very good at working out and stuff, he is very smart, I'm JEALOUS AS HELL!!!!!!! I don't know what to do... I feel more sad because he is so perfect than proud of him :(


July 17, 2013 • by FIFI


Fatma zuru

September 24, 2012 • by Fatma zuru

pls my friend don't be jealous becuse the boy love's you very much if you are jealous of him tool much one day you cuse a problm fo


February 1, 2012 • by Mara

if theres no reason at all to be jealous u need heplkije go 2 a therapy wit him it will b good


April 16, 2011 • by Ashu

ifeel too bad i think if you rely love him he will never forget you from his life

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I am jealous of him, help me...

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