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Comments for Getting marry to my best friend's Husband

Hello readers, This guy am getting marry to used to be my X boy friend's friend & also used to be my best friend's husband. i've known him for almost 5yrs now & we were always closed we does everything... Back to text


December 11, 2014 • by Sabah

u don't have the right to do that.shame on u


December 8, 2014 • by Chichi

she dint know what she had at hand ,until she lost it , u are not to bleme .i am a man and i know what it fills to be send out of the by a wife.


July 24, 2014 • by Maina

u r too selfish.....


July 4, 2014 • by Wongz

hey u,u knw what they say best relationship and strong one starts from friendship... go for it grl and gud luk,plz dnt change the way u treated him stil treat him as a friend Ok? all the best friend....!


July 4, 2014 • by Sophie

Keep it in mind wht goes around comes around nd nobody is perfect even,you have wiped your tears with a married man you will regret sisy.


April 29, 2014 • by Dija

Umm well as a bestfriend u broke ur bestfriends home n married her husband.....u were hurt when ur bf left u sooo she wud b more hurt bcuz her husband was getting married to her bestfriend.......

Secret reader

March 8, 2014 • by Secret reader

That is out of order. Being a woman how could u do that to ur best friend. A best friend is someone who tries 2 save the marriage,not break it.besides that is so rank dating a married man. Im married nd i would HATE the person who tries 2 take my husband away from me. Yuck. You ave broken up a marriage nd that will stay wiv u for the rest of ur life


March 3, 2014 • by Krisentalia

I think, yes you are to be blamed. If you were a true friend and a genuine and sincere adviser, you could have advised him to go back to his wife. Instead, you took him to bed with you.
Yes, I am blunt. But that's the truth. You betrayed your friend. You said he told you their marital problems. If she was really your best friend, then you could have helped them save their marriage. But no, you had your own selfish interests. You wanted him for yourself. You enjoyed the thrill of having secret dates with him. So, you didn't help her at all, even though you were the only person who could have helped them. You kept quiet: Make the distance between them wider, make yourself look better and wiser than the wife. You were not the "best" friend. You were the worst.

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Getting marry to my best friend's Husband

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