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Hello, I want to tell you what happened to me and how this story turned my life upside down, and I am not the same person any more...... It was during last year’s summer. I used to live... Back to text


February 1, 2015 • by King

Sadness story , but dont blame ur seif blame the most powerful feeling , i hate love


November 26, 2014 • by Sara

Aftr all u cheated steve he'll find out in future


October 28, 2014 • by Sana

I dont think u r right


October 23, 2014 • by Holigan

Hey, who ever you maybe I think you should find mario and just find out why he did all this shit with you and after that you should tell your parents the truth..

Its a good start with you on the beach but only one thing has changed from steven to mario that sucks...
thank you


October 13, 2014 • by @wayoflife23

the fact that you are not happy with Steve its bcuz you are afraid to tell him the truth..


September 24, 2014 • by Nonto

i think u must tell the thruth before steve find out bcoz i believe that steve loves u


August 5, 2014 • by Donny

U did wrong ..i really shocked when i read ur story...i have girl friend for a 2years .she is like u..i always told to her that don't chat with anyone in fb and mobile.....but i have just hacked her fb account and just saw her messages ...someone proposed to her but i didn't know what did she with him.,but i trully love her...i forgived him.i think steve will also forgive you.but it's not a small matter...u r pregnent.why girls are going to fall in love with white .handsome buys..girls are so carrzy on them


July 26, 2014 • by Nozzy

Hi,my friend if you were me I will not tell steve,you need to forget charming beach boy because you will loose the person who realy love you and Steve will be hurt forever so stay forcuss on your marriege because this can happen to anyone of us.


July 8, 2014 • by Thug

Dats how diz stupid bitches are, to be frank I hate bitches like u. Big idiot

Peter Martin

June 26, 2014 • by Peter Martin

Hello Victoria,

Here's the issue because your situation has multiple variables, But before I begin ask yourself this question how would you feel if he did exactly what you did to him could you find it in your heart to forgive him? would you want to be the one to except that you where the second choice only because the woman of his dreams was only a one night stand and didn't want to commit to a serious relationship? You see most of the time we hear about man cheating on woman and how vindictive woman can be when it comes to hurting a man for being unfaithful, and though I've heard only a few stories about women cheating on men I've come to this theory true love is more than just about being able to be faithful to each other, or being able to deal with the good things that being in love brings to two people it's also about trusting one with the best qualities of the other and even the worst. You see loving someone takes the commit of one person loving themselves so much that if the person that they love stays with them forever and is felt when the person is gone by dying, or leaves them for someone else that person is still able to give love, and be loved again. I think it's important to be transparent when it comes to a relationships, Because no matter what relationship I choose to have the only one that I can count on is me, and the one I love whether they stay, leave, or I have to let them go so they can be happy with someone else. Just remember that love should have the ability to forgive no matter what, But then we all forgive differently and if you want to ad Christ or church into the mix none of us are Christ. Sounds like the first issue is between you and your husband and since this affair happened before you got married he should love, forgive, and understand because you made a choice to marry him even with this issue hanging over your heart. I think you should tell him the truth and then both of you go together to find out if he is the father or not, and if you know already then at least you both know so that there are no surprises and it shows that you both love each other and the child.


February 12, 2014 • by Nick

I think life is a big mess... Just live every moment in pleasure. Don think, don react & rest of things will be normal. Basic principles of life.


January 2, 2014 • by Rafick

U hv shwd hm ur wiknes plz try 2 tel steve 4 de bd tings u hv dne & conffece hm.


November 10, 2013 • by Zazyzakota

Well... in short its women psychology to be attracted to men who use them as objects... and you are no different... it seems that this mario guy knew you were an easy one and used you... after all guys love to get laid with a girl who's of easy virtue... I pity the guy you're married to... one DNA test and it will be a valid ground for divorcing you... I hope you decide to tell steve about your unfaithfulness... cause sooner or later it will come out... I am afraid for your child... if he grows up loving a man as his father and later learns that his mother slept with some other guy and the man who has help raise him is not actually his father... he/she'll hate you... he/she'll get self destructive... nobody wants to be a bastard...

Guys don't want to marry easy women... Mario would never marry you... now that you bear his child you are more of a liability... he seems like those - "I don wan no child from you BH" guys... it seems that for him, you could be in his bed... but not in his life... men need vag1nas... for mario thats all that you were - 'vag1na'... a man who truely loves you won't run away... when it comes to marrying you...

Steve is one of those guys who were born to be used... You don't love Steve... maybe he does... but its only because he trusts you... you don't deserve his trust... and he deserves to know that... you have cheated him once... you will cheat on him again... maybe your next child would be from luigi...

Maybe Mario used you like you are using Steve... its all Karma... someday it will all come back to you yet again...

So I would only advice you to inform Steve of your unfaithfulness towards him... tell him that the child is not his... let him decide what's right for him... if he wants to raise another man's child... who'll always remind him of your unfaithfulness towards him... he's a pus5y... cause if he wants to take all the sh1t and dirt from life its his choice... maybe he'll turn into an alchoholic and maybe even he'll self destruct... but sooner or later he will learn... its your destiny...

I warn you not to try to find some lame excuse and divorce him by trying to make his life a miserable hell... cause when your lies come before him... he'll hate you and consider you a worthless BH...


October 19, 2013 • by Nejab

We all make some mistakes but n this case why are you married to steve and yet you are in love with someone. And mario does not love you,why after you told him that you are pregnat he stopped sending you letters? Clearly he has life wherever he os at. Tell youslr husband the truth and you will be free because now you not living live you living a lie. And to those who judge you "no one is ever perfect".


August 13, 2013 • by Rayne

How come you just have sex like that, I mean like WOAH, what about aids? Anyway you should tell Steve and maybe find a way to contact Mario, it is his kid just shouldn't have cheated but it isn't too late to make things right.


July 26, 2013 • by TheWife

Have you had an HIV test? You must do this for everyone concerned right now.

Mario never really "loved" you at all nor did you love him. He waited on the beach for a person who is just like him - predatory and insecure who wanted the thrill of a sexual stranger conquest. Have you realized yet that you are the actual "Friend" he waited for?

Sure you two had many things in common during those days because whatever you said to each other was candycoated in sugar to show yourself to your best advantage and was not your true self.

You have to decide before the baby is born if you wish to put your shame on your child and allow Steve to find our for himself the truth when the child does not resemble him. Or when your child may need a future medical treatment that will show the true parentage.

Aside from that, Steve deserves to live a life filled with love, honor and gratitude. You are incapable of ever offering any of that.


May 23, 2013 • by Tanvi

hi frnds really u all r vry gud . i like ur suggetions vry much.


May 21, 2013 • by Vij

i think that is not a love
just u r covering it as love
i dont hv any suggestions to u
bcoz u did a big mistake[as a bitch]
steve never accept u if u tells truth even though he loves u a lot
if u want to happy with steve and happy to live
only one way is there
that is hide that pain full truth
b hpy with steve
i think u wont like to do it
bcoz u need some one else for sex


May 17, 2013 • by Toyin

u know wat dear if people abuse take it to be normal cos somewere inside of u knows u deserve it


May 17, 2013 • by Toyin

tell him everything dnt leave anyone out tell him was a mistake dat u re sorry dat all u need is his forgiveness


May 17, 2013 • by Toyin

just start afresh though it is nt easy but u ave to endure for d sake of d innocnt baby who cantell mario might come bk


March 27, 2013 • by Ashish

you are dieing for sex only bloody bitch...

Favour (ndbabe)

November 25, 2012 • by Favour (ndbabe)

I would advice u tel steve the truth and also plead for Gods forgiveness i believe this two things wil make u forget about morio. Gud luk dear.*

Love vs Lust

November 21, 2012 • by Love vs Lust

face it, for him it's a holiday fling, obviously from the way that he's able to be so easily 'comfortable' with a stranger and so easily have sex, you won't be the first. and remember, the moment you told him about the baby, he just disappeared. you sure this guy is about love? feels sorry for steve and your family, for you betrayed their trust. can you even trust yourself to another holiday with just your friends anymore?


November 10, 2012 • by Robbin

Dear friend.u and me knws that u made a big mistake but don't think so much.whatever was your character before and now ,leave evrythng friend.and now give a fresh start with your lif.u might b characterles or whatever just forget evrythng.steve loves u a lot friend and not your that third class mario.why do u love mario?i dn't knw and hate such a dirty boy with useles thought.just say each and evrything to your lover steve.steve may acept u.and if he don't undrstand friend then leave him also and start your life alone.may b so many problem may come but just say everythng and face evrythng.take cre dear.just GIVE A NEW START WITH YOUR LIFE.

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