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Hi guys. honestly i don't know if i did the right stuff on sharing my love story with u but i need to do it.So everything started as hi! can u do me a favor. and ofc he did but... Back to text


July 9, 2013 • by Kunjava



July 6, 2013 • by Dalieh

Thats great. I like it may ur dream come true.


July 1, 2013 • by Shaadu

i love thiz love story


June 28, 2013 • by Rani

Awesome is this love which made 4 a pretty mesmerising story. .. . .jst wish u get that guy . . . .really i pray


June 22, 2013 • by Imam

Wondafl story i have ever heard


June 18, 2013 • by SaSa

Hi. how r u doing ? any way i admire how u discribe the way u want to be with him and it's really hard in this situations long distance realationships and i also admire the way you said that u'll fight for ur LOVE. it's really cool there is that persone who will be there for you. by the way the song is (breathing jason derulo) i think...:d


June 17, 2013 • by Rakesh

really it's a strong need trust everytime.there ir lot of trust between couple,that's why somethin happed.the great love story.:-)


June 17, 2013 • by Pam

hey dear... Thats the,same story with me.... Oly think.. We both stay close by to oure houre... N we both wana b too gather... But c oso love her famile evry much like u, n if her father tels her... To gat marry guy he want c wil do... Blindfoldadly. C dnt wana brake their heart,how others hav down. C is ready to secrifise me... 4 her parents.

But i hav told her i am not going to leav her.n il any how convince her father...

N in ur care the guy u like,hav gon in army,
in my case,she bnt want me to join army, n c nos my dream is army... But dnt wana me to join army... Wana to do sumthink els..
But i hav not told her my bigest secrat that i was in army...
N now 4 sum reasion i am
(R.T.U.) back
n work asa T.o now..

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My impossible love

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