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4 years ago i met a guy,he was all i wanted,i felt in love and i new that he is love of my life...after 2 years we got married,after a year he went to visit his sister in australia,when he... Back to text


December 11, 2013 • by Ayla

Love iz life,leaving me alone will destroy it baby.pls be with me 4rever.


December 10, 2013 • by Amanda

Very sad


December 8, 2013 • by Disminder

What u should do is to calm and let all thngs pass as the life stor then God is the judge of all as we depend on hm and always know tha what looks the best, worst it might be


August 15, 2013 • by Karteek

Very sad... you should file a case and try to bring him into the court....

Adarsh gupta

August 8, 2013 • by Adarsh gupta

i'm sorry but... kabhi bhi ek hath se tali nahi bajayi jati...
ok... tc
bs ek baat yaad rakhna always v happy


August 8, 2013 • by Janice

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My sad love story

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