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I have thought of writing and sharing my pain for a long time. This has been torturing me for months and I decided to finally share it with you. I know a lot of you would blame me and... Back to text


January 10, 2015 • by Ranjana

u need to love yourself first i hv learnt to love my self n will love myself fully before i start loving someone else


January 3, 2015 • by Shina

I can understand your situation whom you love accepting his all gud or bad things.... N still loves him in all situation....


December 3, 2014 • by KenO

He does luv u.. but he is affraid of beinG hurt again..He is running away frm luv knwingly..


November 28, 2014 • by Jas

Realy Its Vry Painful If U Lv Sm1 So Much N He/she Will Nt Care 4 U :(


November 13, 2014 • by Rachel

am so sorry my dia coz it has been a problem with lovers myself am passing thru the same problem ht has been a while since i said i will not love anyone again since 2002 then i came to realize that i was wrong so i said let me love some one by last year january mean 2013 within those past years i was a play girl just have a man bt with no love from my heart this is the 4th week the man i love has just decided to be quet with no reason i have tried as much as i can to ask hm the problem bt he doesnt want to tell me anything he just tell me be free i will tell u i dont know when? it hearts me a lot friends advice me should i leave hm? or what to do coz i feel like loving hm very much real i love hm advice me am totally comfused


November 9, 2014 • by Sabrina

just want to say that he will cry for you one day....


October 13, 2014 • by Rhema

Cheer up. Break up. Love again. If it dosnt work. Break up n love again. Again. Again.


September 21, 2014 • by Tholang

This make my heart bleed

Kyanumarma jack

September 7, 2014 • by Kyanumarma jack

Actully ...i have just realized what is Love after reading this article........


August 20, 2014 • by Amit

Love him so much that he becomes addicted to it if u guys are in contact.... show him every little feelings of yours for three months and then start avoiding him... it works trust me... he will surely come running after you


August 18, 2014 • by HT

Men like this, men or rather boys who have been hurt previously will always end up hurting or torturing the girl they meet after the first hurt. He will hurt you and hurt you but expect you to love him unconditionally still all the while waiting for you to leave him so that he can relive the past and say ' All women are like that' its not particularly his fault but all men are like this. You shouldn't settle for him. Love should hurt only once not repeatedly.....They say that one of the most courageous things you'll ever do is let go of what hurts your heart.


August 9, 2014 • by Raj

i really admired on your love with him..dont worry...everything will be happen for a good reason...i too have the same problem like you...only the gender differs..i hope they will realise our true love and care about them one day..Dont stop loving him...if you go away from him, his life will be so complicated more than yo him a lot...just forget the love you day you will feel the difference from him...i m trying my level best for my love..Thanks...i thought i m the only person behaves like this..i thought i m not normal...but now i feel better..thanks..dont stop loving until we get our love(life) back..


August 9, 2014 • by Raj

Last But not least...dont lose your hope, trust, and love on him and yo too...even he humiliate day he will cry for that..wht he made...

The last Mohican

August 9, 2014 • by The last Mohican

No, it is not worth to keep that relationship alive. It only gives you the possibility to love but not to be loved and so doing you are losing self respect and the respect of others while you are wasting your energy and time and feelings. He is not worth your dedication to him. One who could love you and show it day in day out will make you feel things you never felt. I am a man by the way and I have been in your shoes only to realize long time later that I erred.


July 28, 2014 • by Anjel

same situation lke me bt don wori u vil get bttr dan him


July 12, 2014 • by Aashi

love him that he never rember their past

Peter Martin

June 22, 2014 • by Peter Martin

Hello remember Opposites attract! and we also teach people how we want to be treated, no one like boring or predictable, and as for a good man or woman it's that hiccup of what's the catch? It's just to perfect!


January 31, 2014 • by Fifi

Heyy. I know what you're going through because I'm in the exact same situation. I'll give you the same advice my friends gave me. Have patience. If you two are meant to be together. You will. But don't lose yourself, or forget that you have the same value as him, in the process. You are beautiful, and don't forget that.


January 21, 2014 • by Stanzo

please leave my dear, there is somebody who will be glad to have you by his side, he will come begging you again but it will be too late


December 9, 2013 • by Krista

Love is a great Exsprience, anyone Could exsprience.. And Let me tell you this, Some people are so afraid of losing their Love one's, trust me I know this, and once they lost that person.. You feel like you don't want to Talk to anyone, but just Sit there and think, you Can't even Laugh, all you do is just Cry and Cry.. Deeply, knowing you have lost him or her forever to Someone else, you just cry more and Can't stand it.. Some people leave Completely, or they drink them to death.. Because they're mentally and physically hurt...


December 9, 2013 • by Lavezzy

Same 2 u


November 20, 2013 • by Jack

This man is not your true love. He is abusing you. You deserve better.


October 20, 2013 • by Manp.

ofcourse is a painful story bt never mind my sister GOD will bless you and you will get a boy who will love you more!! very sorry of being hurted by your boyfriend.! I like to wish you nice studies and a lovely life!!!


September 12, 2013 • by Z

My dear friend,
I was exactly in your situation. The humiliation, the tears, the ignorance - the pain is still raw. Yet, I still love him. He is the first love of my life, the first person who changed me. But remember, there is a limit to how much wounded ur heart can get. Because a patient nd loving person like u deserve better. The biggest mistake that I made was that I opened myself up to him. I confessed that I am madly in love with him and that he is my everything. Then I became a nothing to him. So take care whether u r making the same mistake. And love urself first beacause in the end it is ur body and soul that will remain by with u. Best wishes.


August 7, 2013 • by Niffy

Luv really hurt bt u mustn't allow it to take you for granted.

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Where are you, my love?

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