Another chance

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Hi everyone, so sorry for posting this but I really need advices. So here is the case, I met this girl at the gym. At first, I was just adoring her, because she seemed to be so unreachable for me, she's just gorgeous. She was a new member, and I supposed she noticed that I was looking at her. But then we went on separate classes, me to the yoga, and she to the rpm. The funny thing was that when I finished my class, there she was in front of me, she looked at me, and that was the first time I fell in love to her. I was talking to a man so I didn't get the chance to greet her, as she left the place. Then, I waited a month to see her again.

Why? Because it was Saturday morning, and I only got one day off on Saturday every month, he always worked out in the morning, while I couldn't follow her schedule because I was working. So then we met again, after a month. This time I collected all my guts, joined the rpm class and sat next to her, and greeted her, just a simple hi. I couldn't talk much because the class was almost started. Coz of one thing to another, I waited for another meeting, and another meeting. It just took weeks, to see her. It's very desperating for me, patience was the only choice I got. The relationship grew quite well. Everytime I looked at her, since I haven't known her until we were friends, I noticed that she gave me such a look too, she stared to my eyes, it felt just different. But then something came along, I did terrible mistakes that bcoz of my ignorance. The first was that I added her fb without asking her permission. She didn't approve to that request. I was thinking positively at the moment, "maybe she forgot me, or rarely online". Until, I saw her recent updates that she approved another person. The worst was that I messaged her by saying, "hi, how r U? This is me...from the gym. U remember? Just looking at fb and found your acc there, and would like to add U if U don't mind." The next day, I met her again at the gym. That's when she changed. She barely look at me, so cold. I tried to talk to her, she still replied, but geez, she's just cold. So this might have made the situation worst, but I tried to clarify that fb friend request. She said it was okay, but I now she lied. I supposed that she thought of me of such a stalker who followed her everywhere while I weren't.

I just wrote 5 letters on that search box and luckily found her, besides I thought we were friends already so it wouldn't be a problem to add her. But too bad it has been. Now everytime I meet her, she really kinda avoid me. She act like she doesn't see me while I pass right in front of her nose. And sometimes, she greets me hi without a smile, which I think that's just formality. The problem is, she has been stuck there with a mindset of "bad me, or maybe even worst, physco me". I still greeted her hi when we met, but no more than that, sometimes, she replied, sometimes she just waved her hand, sometimes she acted like she didn't hear, or maybe she didn't. The major point is that she never looked at me anymore through the eyes, she avoided me. What I want to ask is that, is this really over? Isn't there anything to be done to change this? Can time restore things? Or change her mind? I mean people will say, "Get over it man! Move on, find another.", but I really2 like her, she's like a picture of my dream girl, so perfect in my eyes. I'm really sincere about her. If this could be fixed, I'll fix it, even if it'll cost me some pains in the hearts, it doesn't matter, I love her. Please give me our advice, especially if you're a woman. Thank you.