It hurts….

by Az True stories Separation 17 comments

Hi, friends.

I thought that I had overcome this. I believed that I got it over and I was going to continue forward. But there are moments when pain clutches me and I miss him….

Our relationship lasted quite long considering the fact that we were married. We loved each other without making promises. We knew that if we had changed our relations, magic would have disappeared. The thought of divorcing my husband and marrying him has never crossed my mind. We are grown up people with realistic outlook after all.

The time that I spent with him was very precious to me because this wasn’t a trivial adultery story. It was love – tender and passionate, filled with trust and laughter, a bright harbour where we found shelter from daily problems…

I loved him very much in the knowledge that I love my husband more (yes, It’s possible to love two men at the same time) Finally, I decided that I was getting too irresponsible and I was not that type of person. We tried to part from each other for months. I went away and then came back again, all burning with passion. Months went by while I was gathering strength to leave him forever. I obtained my wish.

We are not seeing each other anymore. But I miss him…

How can you forget something that was so important to you? I lost a part of myself. I know this was the right decision.

I’m happy with my husband I would replace him under no circumstances. But how can I stop the pain of thinking about the other man. He ran into my soul as a prickle…

If my jumbled story has made any sense to somebody – please leave a comment. I think I’m not looking for a piece of advice because I’ve tried almost everything. My only hope is in the course of time. Still, I want to hear a word from an outsider. The truth is out there….