Love for money or money for love?

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Hi, I'm Alex! Until 6 months ago I was terribly in love! The girl beside me was beautiful, intelligent, the usual thing that everyone in love finds in their partner, but that's not the problem!

I've always wondered and couldn't understand how beautiful girls of modest age fall in love with fat-necked men or old and wrinkled men with fat wallets! But I never thought that I could have problems of this nature! And even more - with my 2 years of love!

At a time when everything was fine and we were talking (mostly she) about plans for our common future, this will happen!

Although she is 22 years old, she managed to fall in love with a local 47-year-old "businessman" in some way unknown to me!

The strangest thing of all is that I have a normal, lucrative job, with the prospect of development, and her parents did not approve of me! Unlike him! They dared to tell me in my face that they had finally found a decent son-in-law! I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I cried a lot ... I realize that I'm not perfect and I have chips to cut. But I am a good, attentive, responsive, ambitious, and yet nice and athletic 27-year-old man!

Then tell me how can I regain faith in any woman after my partner did this to me?

I am glad that this happened only after 2 years, and not later. I am a person who always gets the most out of every situation and I learned a lot from that. That this little angel was pretending to be a towel, but she was a living rag.

That I will live my days alone in the future and I sincerely regret that I am not gay and my only contacts with these demons - women will be only in shops and public places, where I will have some work to do!

Thank you for your attention!