Love makes life beautiful

by sada True stories Love 1 comment

My love story starts different stages and diffrnt roles. Love give both happy and painful, but love is so great why?

Every men and womens love at certain age i.e feeling in u r heart. Love is told somebody infactuation and attraction. This is also true but somebody love strong both oneside and twoside love. Her and him wait untill success them love.

Love will do but luv is not life. My love story starts at studying eighth class, her so beautiful, but i dont know what is love, every day i will seen in class room and followed. She also looks this process up to ningth class. I will join another school but but i don't proposed some feeling in my heart every day remembering and feel some days. This love end.

Intermediate no can do love, not coeducation, i interested on study. Am studying average. Next love begin in engineering. One girl chose, i will do sincerly, me only luv not her. She don't know luv to him. I cant prpose in, after i prpose but her told u not like