My sun

by Alex True stories Love 11 comments

There is a girl in my school. We always considered her to be rather...wild. She is rude and loud and boyish. And she was quite lonely, to be honest. I'd never talked to her properly. Then one day I noticed how she was protecting one of underachievers from bullies. I went to help her. She wasn's happy and screamed at me something about her not being that weak to need help. But then somehow we began to talk. She appeared to be nice and actually kind. She can play the guitar, loves to play computer games. We played together. I found out that she has her own motobike, but it was rather old, so I decided to help her to repair it. We all got dirty while doing it, and it was so funny! Then she told me that she likes to go for a walk at night. We started to walk together, she taught me about some stars on the sky. We climbed on roofs. We rode our motobikes through dark streets. This kind of friendship lasted for two years. It was crazy. Once we were swimming right in our clothes. Once we stole some lemons from the shop- she loves lemons. I taught her how to skate. Sometimes we'd fight jokingly.

Then, a few days ago she got into a serious fight with some bad guys from neighboorhood. They were strong and there were a lot of them, so she started to lose. I tried to protect her, and got beaten. What a shame... The next thing I remember- I was at her home. She was injured, too, but was trying to bandage me, anyway. She certainly didn't know how to do it. Whats more- her hands were shaking. And I didn't know how it happen but she suddenly started to cry. I'd never seen her tears before- nobody had! I tried to comfort her, even though I'm terrible at that. I hugged her and suddenly understand how tiny she is under this baggy baseball jacket, how fragile she was under all those thoughness and rudeness. And then it hit me. I realise how much does she trust me. because this invisible "wild" girl was actually crying in my arms. She let me see her weakness... And I was ready to hold her like that forever. We sat like that for a while. I found out how soft her hair actually was, even though it always seemed thick at sight. We sat like that for a while...

Next day I waited for her after school. She seemed to be rather nervous at the fact that I saw her weak. At least I thought that that was a reason. She thanked me. And that was when I suddenly blurted out something like "I'll always be here for you." She blushed deep red- that actually surprised me, I'd never seen her blushing. Well, at leat that much- never. I wanted to try to explain, but she suddenly stopped. Then she grabbed me by my collar and pulled me down. And she kissed me. It was short and clumsy, and then she pushed me away and turned round. I was shoked. Then I asked, just to be sure: "Did you just...?" She nearly screamed "No I didn't!" I could see the tips of her ears becoming brightly red. I gently turned her around then and kissed her fully on the lips. This time the kiss was long and passionate. I remember embracing her and feeling her arms hugging my neck. She then hide her face on my chest and we just stood like this for a while.

Others still count her to be wild and abnormal one, but for me she is the sun. I love her more that anything.

I actually told it to her today. And you know- they can say whatever they want. They are wrong. Because they'd never see her smiling...

This is a story of how i fell in love.