Snow princess and prince of the land breeze

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Deep in the north part of the world, there is a very majestic kingdom. Kingdoms sunlight away from the country, where there has been a very long winter that everywhere there was only cold ice and ice.

In this kingdom, there was a Princess who was very beautiful. So beautiful that it becomes the pride of the people of the country. She’s parent, Queen and King hope someday if her daughter was growing up, will going to get married with a Prince.

Snow White spends his days in the palace, dancing and singing accompanied by a royal servant. Sometimes when the fruit season arrives, or growing flowers, Snow White was very happy to spend time playing in it. So, time goes full with sweet event.

Once upon a time there was a Prince of the Kingdom of the wind country. Prince was very handsome and intelligent. Also very thoughtful. He held a long journey to the land of snow and meet Snow White. Beginning of their meeting, make the Prince fall in love. Then the Prince come to the palace and met with the King's also Queen. He expressed the intention to marry the beautiful maiden Snow.

Snow agreed to the request of his parents. "Well, if Princess would. This month we get married." Prince said with a happy heart. But Snow White apparently did not think the decision will marry soon. "I do not want to get married this month." Said the princess. "Why should it be delayed again. I do not have much time to wait. Works really need me and my people in my country." Prince said a little anxious worried Snow will reject the application.

"Now that the season of winter. A lot of frozen trees, flowers blooming yet, wait for next month. Coming spring, the flowers are blooming and that's where we will be married."

Prince does not have to wait too long and left. Snow is very sad and wept. The King tried to entertain the princess, he went into the garden and pick some flowers glass and catch some colorful birds, and then presented to the Princess.

A week later, a royal guard wind came to the land of snows. He was carrying a wedding invitation of Prince Wind with a Princess of the Kingdom of Blue Clouds . Hearing wedding of Prince Wind, snow all over the kingdom to be sad. But they decided to come watch the wedding party. The two royal brides wore their greatness. Wind Prince looked very handsome and Princess looked Blue Clouds looks very beautiful. They pair very romantic bride.

Snow itself does not come, she was very disappointed and sorry. Then she decided to go into the woods premises accompanied by several bodyguards and a faithful servant of the palace. They were off, amid the night. And they disappeared amid the shadows of silence dark night. Since then the people have never seen they beautiful Princess again and make their hearts are very sad. But they can not do much, just praying that their beloved Snow survived. And time passed by

On a beautiful summer, when everyone has forgotten memories of the past are gray. Suddenly, the whole kingdom was surprised by the events of interest. Lots of fluffy white blobs falling from the sky like the stars in the sky glow. People were amazed at the sight. Reminded them of their beloved daughter.

Do not know for sure what causes the soft white blobs. But many suspect, the blob is the epitome of sadness Snow White. From that day, all the people in the kingdom of heaven called white blob as snow.