The lost Girl - I still love

by Niceningu True stories Love 7 comments

Friends, it’s the incident happened seven years ago when I was studying SSLC i.e. in 2005. There was farewell party organized for us by our juniors which was rocking. One could see the sadness of separation and the stress of exams in their faces very clearly. I loved a girl of my class very much somewhere in the corner of my heart. I was fed up of this, I was not at all interested in reading, and her face was distracting again and again. So I was turning the pages from slam book. While I was reading the page which my girl had written I was suddenly flabbergasted and even felt very happy. Generally other girls had written their opinion about me as good boy, silent boy and intelligent boy but she had written, ‘sweet boy’. And other girls had written their favorite historical monument as: Red fort, Golgumbaz, Badami caves but she had written her favorite monument as, ‘Tajmahal’.

This little reason was enough for this idiotic heart to plunge in an illusion that she loved me. Anyhow valentine day was nearing hence I decided to propose her on that day. She was with her friends in the canteen that day. That day she seemed to me like a, ‘Red red rose’ as expressed by the English poet Robert Burns.

Taking a deep breath, I gave her a Red Rose but couldn’t speak; I was unable to spell even a word. I knew it before itself hence I had bought a letter in which I had written everything that I wanted to convey her. I kept that letter on the table before her and said: “please read it and give your opinion, if you agree its okay if not let us be friends.” After a couple of days it was really shocking and miraculous that she gave her consent to my proposal, I was unspeakable as my heart was full of happiness, and my mind was floating on cloud nine. I can’t forget this moment all my life…

Then who was there to question us, like any other lovebirds we too wondered together to cinemas, park, and hotels, ate masala dosa, panipuri, kochori on the roadside and tasted varieties of ice-cream with different flavors. Usually a guy rides the bike and his girl will be seated behind but here in our case it was entirely reverse: she uses to ride the scooty and I would be seated behind as SRK did in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Tell me friends who will get this kind of opportunity. I was really fortunate to get this opportunity and those moments spent on scooty with her are memorable seconds in my life.

Lost in these joyful days I never thought of time, it just flew like a rocket, board exam was nearing hence she said; ‘let us not meet each other until exams are finished.’ Those days there were no mobiles like we have now, we didn’t even have the landline. Suppose we had mobile I assure you, I would have not cleared my SSLC board exam.

Soon after the exams were completed I was waiting for her at the place we had decided to meet. The surprising thing was that; instead she coming there, her friends came to me, and before I could ask, ‘what was the matter?’ they told; “Pratima’s father got transferred and hence they moved to Mysore few days back.”

As I heard the news from my friends, I felt as if 1000volt current passed through my body. Coming out of the shock later I asked them; ‘have you got address or phone number?’ To that they replied; ‘no we don’t have phone number nor address, you don’t get upset, just forget her.’

Since that day I’m searching her but all my efforts went in vain. Once I believed today or tomorrow I would meet her but now I lost the last ray of hope also. I got all my childhood friends in FB after the long gap of 9 years whom I never imagined to see even in my dreams. Anyhow she might be missing to my eyes but she is still alive in my heart. And I thank God who made all these things happen in my life.