Unexpected Love

by Neha True stories Love 1 comment

Neja is a simple woman. She's separated from a 5 years relationship, she decided not to commit anymore. She keeps on praying and praying for the right guy but seems nothing comes on her way.

Her qualifications for a man is hardly to find. Then after three years of praying for the wrong one. She decided to ask God for a sign and ask God to send Him His will for her. After a couple of weeks, a young man came in front of her but she doesn't like him. For her, it was not the guy she's praying for. Almost one year when she find herself madly in love with the young man. She keep on denying on her true feelings until, something happens. She has been cornered by the guy and all she have to do was to tell him the truth.

Then now, even though, they haven't a perfect relationship they stick together, fight for their love. many people are against to their relationship but they never stop instead they fight and stand for it.