You’re just my ex-wife, and you’ll stay that way!

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Hello, everyone! I want to tell you my story and ask for your advice - what to do and what decision to make?

I got married young (20 years old) because I got pregnant unexpectedly. My husband and I loved each other very much, and when our daughter was born, there were no happier people than us. I didn’t regret anything, I felt wanted, loved, and protected by this man - I had a family!

But suddenly, everything started to fall apart, and our marriage turned into a complete nightmare in a month or two. We couldn't stand each other, we somehow felt like strangers, love was disappearing! So, after 1 year of torture, we decided to divorce and each to take his own path.

The little one was only 6 months old when we divorced. I devoted myself entirely to caring for her to make it easier to go through the separation and this painful period of my life. But apparently, something else was written!

After 3 months of separation (in which we neither heard nor saw), he looked for me, and through tears, I rushed to him again. We were seeing each other for a few months and decided to get back together and try again. We believed that separation had given us its lessons and that everything would be different now.

Yes but no! Some time passed and the same thing happened - the intolerance between us began. We broke up again. Then we tried again and again - and the end was always the same. We part with hatred in our hearts and with cynical smiles on our faces. So we got together and separated for 3 years 10 times! And I was always ready to try again, because deep down I loved him, and in the name of our child.

Our last separation was on September 24 - he kicked us out with the child and said very strong words. That I no longer have a place in his life and that I have to let him live his life! That’s exactly what I did, but when he came to see the child on Saturday, we both started crying and regretting that we broke up. We realized that somehow we could not do without each other.

So, this Saturday (24), he was home again - he brought presents for the little one, flowers for me, we had sex, we cried, we said to each other that we love each other and it's all a matter of time to get well.

Until on Sunday, I read a letter in his chat (we went to his place for a while), in which he was writing with a colleague about how much he was in love with her and how much he liked the sex 3 days ago. This thing shocked me, I cried and with tears in my eyes I asked him: "What's going on? Why are you lying to me?". And he calmly told me: "I don't have to give you an explanation! You're just my ex-wife and you'll stay that way."

I took my child, put my coat on, and left! I've been crying for two days now and I can't explain to myself why this person did this to me ?! What if I hadn't read the letter, what?! Would he lie to me in the future?! Friends, please give me advice on how to get out of this vicious circle and fix my life.

Without this man, because it is clear that I am nothing to him. Thanks in advance to everyone who will take the time to read my story!

The deluded Star.