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Many persons mix the other things with the true love, like, if they are just attracted to anybody or if they hve a girlfrnd or boyfrnd. . .with whom they go out for fun or a date. . .they think... Back to text


March 23, 2015 • by Rick

I don't think that its actually a true love because at a time you told in your story that you forget him and it takes one year so would you like to tell me that if you forget your love then is its a true love


August 29, 2014 • by Pandu

such abeautiful love story dont leave her. i wish u a gud luck


August 1, 2014 • by Caver

ang ttot mga oiytt


July 5, 2014 • by Jh0y

i h0pe i have a nice l0vest0ry furtherly :(

April 26, 2014 • by

I love ur story,hw i wish i can get someone dat ll luv me just de way i am.


April 11, 2014 • by Raksha

after read ur story i fell like it is my i wish fr u.i wish u gys always be happy stay happy.with each other.touch wood

Kaye Faye

December 24, 2013 • by Kaye Faye

So cute


December 16, 2013 • by Rahemath

nice n beatiful story


December 16, 2013 • by Rahemath

nice n beatiful story.


October 31, 2013 • by Kapil

Hi mera nam kapil hai
aur main apni true love story share kar raha hu main shalini nam ki ladki se bacpan se pyar karta hu wo mere 5th class main class mate thi wo topper thi aur main bhi padhne main acha tha lekin jab main ye nahi janta tha phir 8th class main wo school se nikal gai aur main aur mera man phir padhai main man nahi lagta aur mene school jana band kar diya phir main padhai se dafar ho gaya phir 10th ki pariksha dene gaya lekin main usko dakh ta aur sab bhool jata tha uske 88% bane aur mere 54.83% lekin paper dete hue usko dakhta rehta tha uski nazar bhi mujhse mil jati thi phir main bahar khada hokar uska wait karta tha wo bhi mujhe dakhti thi 11th class main mene usse baat ki aur usne mujhe bhi ache se baat kari lekin phir ek baar usne mujhe gusse baat ki aur mene apni coaching ki ladkiyo ko gali wak di aur main phir cigrate bear pine laga main usse behad jayad pyar karta hu aur karta rahunga main usko dakhe bager nahi reh sakta
shalini {rashi}


October 23, 2013 • by Aisha

it was an overexadurated story,,,,,,,,


August 28, 2013 • by Tayyaba

nice one :) yeah its a true love story dont let him go off ur lif

Js kapil

August 9, 2013 • by Js kapil

My name is kapil aur main shalini naam ki ladki se bahut pyar karta hoon pehle hum class sath sath padhte the par wo us school se nikal gai phir mera man padhai mein man nahi lagta tha phir humne 10 th ke paper sath sath diye aur mera man paper ki wajhe us par laga rehta tha phir 10th mein uske parcetage 88% bane aur mere 70% bane aur wo 2 manzil mein rehti thi aur mein thoda garib tha phir mein aur mera dost ek din jab wo coaching ja rahi thi aur hum unke piche gaye wo aur uski saheli hum ko dakhkar hasi thi aur humne usko barsaati ki wajh se usko pehchana nahi phir usne mere samne barsati ke kap utari aur us din usko shuk hua ki mein uska picha kar raha tha
i miss you


July 4, 2013 • by Ajay

If surnames r same thn wat? surname doesnt say u tht dont luv the whose surname is same as ur.
Forgot the surname i luv him thn go ahead...dont care of surname


July 4, 2013 • by Ajay

If surnames r same thn wat? surname doesnt say u tht dont luv the whose surname is same as ur.
Forgot the surname if u luv him thn go ahead...dont care of surname


July 1, 2013 • by Angeles

Yeah sure


June 30, 2013 • by Amira

What!!??? R u mad!!?? I mean..!! How can some1 fall in love at 12 yrs!!?? I dont believe it... !! Kuch to dhang ka likhte...!!??!!


June 20, 2013 • by Utkarsh

nice story


May 27, 2013 • by Set

(The True Love will be strong enough if God will be the center of your relation ship)I hope you two will be a good encouragement from the other! have a nice day and God bless you two....:)


May 25, 2013 • by Kiing

See what happens in next 3 years.... Ha3
Sweet love..


April 28, 2013 • by Danirh


Sara tyagi

April 19, 2013 • by Sara tyagi

Schi me yr bht jada pyari stry hai apki god bless u or bht km milte h sche pyr krne wale ....


February 13, 2013 • by Gouri

I love one boy i think he aloso loves me but our surname are same what to do please help me out


October 23, 2012 • by Robbin

Yaa it is a true love story but most of the childhood love stories are just an attraction and nothing else.also at that i age we are not are lucky friend because your love story is on a very good path.i can understand your love and your feelings because i am in love also and my janu(girlfriend) and me are soul mates of each other.u met ur bf bt me and my janu lives so far but THE LOVE between us is uncomparable many time tear comes in our eyes because we love eachother a lot.we are 2 body but one.i love my janu and i ll love her till my last breath and we ll met in i m unable to say more.i ll say our love story oneday hear.


October 21, 2012 • by Ridor

Yeah its really gud lv story.

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A True Love Story

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