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Stranger: Hi(; asl? You: Hey (: 14, female, Cali... Wbu? Stranger: 17 male Kentucky You: oh kool Stranger: Wanna go out with me? You: ..... Okay :) Text me? (555) 555- 5555 My names Brenna Stranger: Beautiful name I'm Steven...... Back to text


April 2, 2013 • by Shai

well that was quite a story.i xperncd d same,i fol nluv wd sumone who only exist in fairytale, a perfct boyfriend whom everyone wud thnk of,.d only wrong thng is he is not a he. wen i found out d truth my world was broken i was so hurt and i fil lyk millions of needles struck my heart.but aftre a yr i movd on.(hopefuly coz til nw i stl wish we cud b frens,even friends) i just dunno why its so hard for her to be my frend coz no matter wat we do we cnt b together n d eyes of God.


March 19, 2013 • by Nicki

that was a really great and im glad that you told the truth in the end!:D i would do the same

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Beautifully Fake

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