Beautifully Fake

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Stranger: Hi(; asl?

You: Hey (: 14, female, Cali... Wbu?

Stranger: 17 male Kentucky

You: oh kool

Stranger: Wanna go out with me?

You: ..... Okay :) Text me?

(555) 555- 5555 My names Brenna

Stranger: Beautiful name I'm Steven... I just texted you

-You just disconnected-

Hey, my names ----- and this is my story...

It all started on a chatting website called 'Omegle'. I was bored and had heard of it as being a really fun website... So I went on. I talked to random perverts from all over the world, not for a long enough time for them to say much, only for me to know that they were horn-dogs! I met a guy, who I thought was a pervert but ended up not one at all, he was sweet, cute, caring, and almost everything a girl wants. Of course I found all this out AFTER saying yes to being his girlfriend.

Why, did I say yes? Well... I thought it would be taken as a joke on both sides but as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I realized that this was the realist relationship I had ever had. I was really starting to... Love him?

I'm not saying I know what love is, especially at the age of 14 at the time... so before you start judging, hear me out... This guy, that I so crazily fell in love with, was everything I had always dreamt of having in a boyfriend...

Just for a minute, think to yourself about what kind of guy or even girl you want in your life, your dream girl/ guy... That's how him and I both felt, so we both thought.

I can keep going on and on about how much we loved each other but then you would stop reading...

At the begging of the relationship, like I said I thought it was a joke... But it grew into something of the complete opposite... He fell in love with me and I fell in love with him... Only... I was fake. Not as in, fake personality or not backing your shit up... Literally pretending to be a complete different person.

I had tried to break up with him, for that reason... Knowing he would find out sooner or later... But every time I tried to, he would try to kill himself. Crazy, right? So I continued living a lie... It ate me up inside... I wasn't proud of myself, pretending to be a girl I knew all through elementary school... Stolen pictures, videos, everything... I really screwed up.

We had been though so much, I can't even begin to describe all the things we went though together. A lot of it you wouldn't even believe. He was my very first love.

The day before our 1 year anniversary, and he finds out the truth... About who I really was. I was so embarrassed... Didn't really know what to do, I panicked and deleted the fake fb accounts, deleted pictures, anything that proved that I had anything to do with it.

Once he found out, he asked me what my real name was, how old I was, what I really looked like and then said he would have loved me for me, that he thought I was beautiful and loved me still.

An hour later, he had tagged my real pictures on the girl I was pretending to be (Brennas') Facebook. He told her everything... And she was mad, she messaged me and said she was going to tell my parents, and her dad. I blocked her.

For days I kept the phones by my side at all times, waiting for her to call, just so I could say she has the wrong number. She never did call...

And just when I thought I was as fake as can be, I hacked my "ex boyfriends" facebook. He had told me so many times that he was dying, his uncle died, his dad died, his mom died... He's adopted... All false. And he also said he had never cheated on me...

We started dating 2-18-12 and from that day on, he had 10 other girlfriends, them not knowing either. I couldn't get mad, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't... Because I knew that what I did was still worse that him cheating.

I learned my lesson.

Until my best friend, Manuel tells me that Steven wants to talk to me... We talked, he said he had strong feelings for me still, and so did I. We agreed on leaving the past where it lays and starting something new.


We did everything the same as if nothing changed, we were being ourselfs, telling each other we loved one another and giving a little :* but this didn't last long... I can't say the reason, but for this particular reason... We had to break up... Usually he fights to want it back, but this time he didn't, and that's when I knew he didn't love me anymore. I couldn't blame him, things between us changed in a crazy and strange way. It was to much to handle and he needed to move on. And so did I. That's why I'm writing this, so I can forget it... Let it go. Nobody else knows about this, except for you. Lol

So, yea... That's my story and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I know she may not see this, but I also wanted to apologize to Brenna and her family for what I did, I did a wrong, and it was over the top, but now that you know my story I hope you can forgive me. I don't expect you to feel sorry for me or let it go. I just want you to understand that I tried but couldn't at the same time. I'm sorry. -The Real