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Well here's my story..okay I started dateing this guy in February 2011 and we just really hit things off really good. I mean we were so much alike and I seriously thought we were soulmates and sent to eachother. Me... Back to text


October 19, 2013 • by Vikkipixxie

sweetheart i couldn't let go of my first love for 4 years... knowing it wasn't mine . we went on and off i hurt myself and him more and more because i couldn't move on. i got so tired so i started to pray to Jesus Christ with all my heart i screamed for help. days later everything disappeared and i was free. please try this. its the only hope, and i promise it will work! what do you have to loose? God bless you hun.


May 12, 2013 • by Shanurie

Darling I know how u feel I mean I have a friend who going through kinda the same thing.I know it really hurts but if moved on then it shows how much he loved you n how much he cared 4 u so if I were u I would not move on but live my life 2 the fullest n enjoy my life but if any guy comes into your life let it be maybe he is the 1 or maybe not...but I want u 2 know that everything that happens in life happens 4 a reason.So I think that he was not the 1 4 u. There is some1 better out there waiting 4 u.


May 1, 2013 • by AJdoxwDMLPrLeo

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April 3, 2013 • by Shona

hi!!! in love life its really very very tough to move on when u knw watever u had is the best.even in these days i m in the same situation and cant able to move on.i m trying my best far everytime i fail.but one of my frnd suggest me that love is need of u will automatically move on and u wont knw wen and where u again fall in.may be this is dear just leave everything on destiny.we cant go beyond our destiny.just wait for right time and u will get to knw...


March 30, 2013 • by Shen

prayer is the best powerful


March 29, 2013 • by Kalo

i 9 its really tough to engagde wd smi else ,,,bt u r really a nice girl ,,its good that u wont firgot d love ,,,it give u strength 2 safe frm fake love,,
one more thng wen u again fall in love fortuntly ,,,i tell u ,,,u love ur partner beyond limits

god bless u


March 27, 2013 • by Shushu90

I'm sorry that happen to you. The best way for you is to give it a try. Can't control love. Maybe you havent found the right guy yet. Take time. I'm sure you'll heal. You'll forget about him and find someone new. Trust me on this. Don't rush yourself. Keep yourself active. Meet new people in your life. You can still message him and say hi. Just take your time slowly and move on. Don't say you can't move on. Everyone can move on. You just got to give it a try. Don't give up on Love. Don't be afraid to fall in love because Love is the happiest feeling ever in life. Take cares! I hope this helped a litte!


March 26, 2013 • by Nira

dear u are nt the only girl who feels lyk dat, even my story is sort of similar to urs.. I cn undrstand u its too hard... :(

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Can't move on and can't let go.

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