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I was a girl who didn't have any experience in love. Since i was a kid, I always imagined how to feel to be in love. As I grew up my friends have their own ups and downs with it... Back to text


February 14, 2013 • by Hilda

It's nice to know that there are people who read this story. It made me realize that, I could open up my heart for everybody so that they'll be able to understand me...thank you for's valentine's day and even if I still didn't find the right guy...I'm just waiting and hoping that he will come...again thabk you for reading!!!


February 8, 2013 • by Masti

Hi There,

How are you?
Well i read your story, interesting. I say if you love this guy then tell him that he can have his fill of dating others and if he still has feelings for you then he must let you know but untill then you will be seeing others guys if you find one.


February 8, 2013 • by Masti

Hey Love,

Why does she have a problem with your surnames???


February 6, 2013 • by Love

i m tired of my girl. i love her more then any thing. bt due to sme differ in our surname she is nt ready. frnds find me sme way to get her


January 31, 2013 • by Nana

U will be ok but u have to stop grieving and move on with ur life. Trust me, someone will love u for who you are. U really have to be patient though. I would have u rather wait for the right person to love u completely than having ur heart broken by the wrong person

Clement Makuc Madut

January 28, 2013 • by Clement Makuc Madut

I pleased coz it will be my first time hear a girl not involved in relationship with majority of men.

Clement Makuc Madut

January 28, 2013 • by Clement Makuc Madut

More thank to gbye


January 24, 2013 • by Shegzycool

dnt rush dear,wait for ur turn/time....d guy left probably bcos he don wana btray u,he isn't interested in breakin ur hearth...u r precious to him....u r beautiful,so some who wil love nd care for u wil definately come ur way.....takia dear


January 18, 2013 • by Lucky

its true

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