by Hilda True stories Separation 9 comments

I was a girl who didn't have any experience in love. Since i was a kid, I always imagined how to feel to be in love. As I grew up my friends have their own ups and downs with it comes to relationship and I was asking myself why I haven't been experience the moments that my friends has.

When I was 21 there was this guy I met. He is exactly what i am looking for in a guy. Tall, funny, good-looking and kind. As time goes by, we flirted around and suddenly it just stop. It kept me thinking what is happening to us? Why the sudden change? so I plucked up the courage to asked him what's going on? I also asked him if he had feelings for me and he replied "yes I do have feelings for you but I'm afraid to get your heart broken". At first, it felt good to know that he did like me but after that I just don't understand anymore, if he did like me, why didn't he pursue me? Should I made a moved to make him mine? Is there anything that i could do differently so that our love story will be different? I have so many questions and I still don't know the answers to.

I'm now 23 and it always strike as a question why? why hasn't been a guy brave enough to be with me? As I look back, this experience made me realize that maybe i wasn't completely moving on with my life. I think he still holds my heart that why I can't let anyone in my life. This story I'm sharing so that I can finally let him go. With this simple admittance i could finally let go of the guy who both made me feel special and at the same time made me feel worthless all the same time.