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i want to share my story for those people who feels heart break too .. * it was started when i was 19 yrs old i fall in love so fast , to guy that i met in the... Back to text


July 31, 2012 • by Guest

Your love for him was true but you must had to listen of your heart for atleast 1 time if u would had done so u must be there as his wife.But now it\\\'s too late so better to forget him you need to marry another guy that just will love you alot and understand you much more than your expectations and after that family responsibilities these all things together can help you to forget him totally else you won\\\'t do so.Ya you have to look for another guy but this time w8 for a guy who feel for you and very dedicated to you can test him as much time you want to take test him to accept as life partner let your all quries remove and also infrom him that after he has been perposed to you.I hope and i\\\'ll pray for you that you found some1 very soon.god bless you and help you..just tc


July 30, 2012 • by Timmy

Most of the time love makes us weak.So you must be strong and tactful in controlling your emotion because sometimes, it become the cause of our saddness.

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Heart break

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