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Comments for I am married, but I fell in love with a man who has a wife.

Hi! I have nobody to share my story with, that’s why I decided to write about it here. My story is not something that had never happened, but for me this is a first time and I don’t know what... Back to text


May 24, 2014 • by Laura

i 2 da same situation.m faith in god..hope v will b 2ghthr soon

A friend

May 7, 2014 • by A friend

it happens everywhere.


September 18, 2013 • by Pravinkumar

i hav 1 question 4 u ??
if u get the same kind of person (i.e now the person who is ur collague now wer u work ) in another work place wen u change,would u again change ur husband for him....!!!!



November 21, 2012 • by Men...Deceptive

i got to know someone too, from a running hobby. he's into triathlon and i'm just running and swimming, but there were some interests in common. outwardly, he's a fantastic husband to his wife and father for his 2 kids...but suddenly one day he started to chat with me. then he asked permission to 'love' me.
well, didn't do anything with him, thank goodness, for one day i decided to test him. got a series of fierce comments about getting jealous and unhappy when he isn't able to dedicate himself to me and a lot more, then suddenly one of his replies was that i was the one who looked for him first. damn...true that i was the one to first write on his fb wall, but that was about some training for marathon running and he said that i was the one to find him first.
lady, if you continue with your fantasies of being with him, take this into heart: your hubby will feel cheated, your children might not forgive you, and at the end of the day he may tell you that you were the one who offered yourself to him, not his responsibility at all.


October 4, 2012 • by Love

well this happen to me other woman who worked with my man did the same thing that u are thing and he when for it and as alway the wefe will find out .by u or him or someone u know or just by u having his child. i now love him but i dont, he let the woman go but for me the love is not the same he do try but he needed to have tryed befor this shit happen, its days i just want to go, but down inside i love him . but it can never be the same. now no one win not me not him not her. dont let this be u.walk away. it star with one woman at a time and that woman can be u . see aman cant do it by hisself.put your self in her and my house can u see u crying ,hurt, upsat, not understanding.dont be a bitch just be a woman with a hart.


August 7, 2010 • by Koow

you are married for 10 years and and you have 1 years old kid. Thing doesn't add up, hun


August 3, 2010 • by C

whatever you do or decide. At least think about the impact on this to your children.


August 3, 2010 • by Wiseone

you have a wonderful husband, it is normal to have feelings for someone else especially when you do not get the attention you wish from your spouse, however it is not worth the taste of lust for a lifetime of love.
your best resolution is you and your husband get the children to be taken for by relative then you and your spouse book a nice hotel room for a weekend and floor the love making pedal to the maximum, when you are back you will see things different.
also a dinner out you and your husband for a one night out will make you see life in a different measure.
most married couple get this feelings for other when they do not feel fulfilled by each other all they need is some time together, in other words look your spouse all over again with lust in your eyes.

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I am married, but I fell in love with a man who has a wife.

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