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About 6months ago this guy who i was in a long distance relationship with broke up with me over facebook. I had no other choice but to give in to what he wanted because i knew that he didnt love... Back to text


December 7, 2012 • by Cynara15

Ifeanyi, well then i guess we both did the right thing. Im glad someone knows how it is to feel this way. what more can one do but move on and be grateful for what has happened. we learn from these things.


December 7, 2012 • by Cynara15

just stay strong, if not her someone better will come along....someone that will be able to mend past problems and make you feel loved like what everyone deserves.


November 21, 2012 • by Ifeanyi

Ur story rily touched me........was also in dat position....I didn't wanna give up....but at d end I just had am single and sometimes I still wish....she rily did love me like she said......

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Love knows when to let go

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