Love knows when to let go

by cynara15 True stories Separation 3 comments

About 6months ago this guy who i was in a long distance relationship with broke up with me over facebook. I had no other choice but to give in to what he wanted because i knew that he didnt love me anymore the same way he used to.

A month after that i met this guy at a church get together whilst trying to move on from the broken relationship i recently was in. He broke the ice, by giving a compliment on a talk i gave out that day. I was on cloud nine indeed. I went home that day with the image of the stranger lingering in my head; i couldnt stop thinking of him. I had false doubts about him because he was from another country but was popular and successful in his career as a singer and musician. I was nothing compared to him; i was beaten up by my own thoughts that i tried to forget about him. Unfortunately it didnt work. One night i was watching this popular singing competition in my country and wa-lah he was one of the competitors. The same night, i was on facebook when his page was suggested. I didnt add him straight instead i sent him a message to congratulate him on his performance and simply to return the favour.

It felt soooo random for me to do that still i did. I sent that message but wasnt expecting a reply. Two weeks later, i got a message from him and this time he left his phone number. So i took my chances and text him. We started chatting on and off since that day it was late in May then. We would chat about these random stuffs back and forth leaving me daydreaming of him.

I was completely head over heels not knowing he was starting to feel the same way for me. (Well that's what he later told me) I was slowly recovering from the pain i had been in and was slowly giving my heart away to this guy. He was different (in a good way) He was kindhearted, loving, caring, down to earth and thoughtful. I couldnt ask for anyone better. So days went by, there are days that we would meet up at a random place and spend 2-3hours talking and laughing our heads off at each others' jokes. Those magical moments i can never forget. They made me feel special and truly loved until things started changing. The competition he was in? Well he won that singing competition. He deserved it right from the start. After winning, people started spreading rumours about him dating his runner up. I didnt do or say anything because i knew i had no right to take rumours from others.

All i wanted was to hear it straight from him, i never had the intention of judging him i only wanted to find out the truth. But if what i had been hearing was true then i would let him go. I couldnt be foolish enough to keep holding on to what is not mine. But as i recall the times we'd spent together and the whole lot of exchanging texts, what is starting to happen is so very impossible. In the way that he'd say all these things (that he wants to be with no one else but me, that he's loving me forever, that he'll try everything in his power so i could feel loved and special) It's just not fair..

Days and weeks went by i started not hearing from him instead rumours widely spreaded. That he had changed alot! I couldnt believe what i was hearing. I was hurting inside but still i was breathing. And so one day, i saw them together at a car park in town. He didnt see me but i saw them clearly from my position. Seeing them settled my uncertainties, all the questions i had. Finally i was in peace, Guess it's really time that i let him go; that i forget about him. But one thing for sure is, i will never forget the special times we've spent together, the way he made me feel, how he treated me like the only girl he sees. I still love him but i have to let him go. He seemed happy with her and there's nothing more that i would want to see than seeing him happy. After everytime we'd spent together Im left with an everlasting impression.

Maybe we weren't meant for each other. He may be the sun and i the ocean therefore in his eyes, i belong somewhere else. I pray that happiness and peace fills his everyday..