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Comments for Love leaves you when you need it the most

Some people strangely become part of your daily life and it becomes quite impossible to live when they leave. I was 21 then when he entered in my life like a family friend. I dint know that this guy was... Back to text


November 1, 2012 • by *frinyhring

I like the tittle of ur story...I hav da sam problm lyk urz....He cam in ma lfe ven i can survive alone,vn i dnt need him....He force me 2 b vit him sayng he'll b alwas dr 4 me evn vn thngs wnt wrng,he'l mary me evn if m 2 b a patnt of HIV....Bt vn he really knos ma sckness (m a hrt cancr patnt) he walk out of ma lyf vidot infrmng me.....He lft me vn i need hm most....Da prsn hu alwaz ncourge me in evrythng is no mote nw....Bt i still miss him n cant 4gt him....I kno hw hrd it is 2 4gt our frst love s m facng...It bt hope tme vill lead u 2 4gt hm...U'll fnd a gud n carng guy soon...Dnt loose hope....Wish u all da bst in ur lyf 2 cum...


September 26, 2012 • by Hamed

Don't think of him any more, time will heal up your pains. I had such an unwise pathetic love, but I found out my mistake finally.


September 22, 2012 • by LmNoP

Im guilty of doing what this man did but not when she needed me most. I was with her when she needed me most and when she stopped telling me things and complaining I felt ad though I was unneeded in her eyes so I left. I know it was wrong of me to do that but our relationship wasn't working. She hatted me in the beginning. Read my peace "The Pathetic Love..." and youll see my story. She didnt need me anymore and if Im unneeded I feel as though Im not holding my commitment in the relationship which is help her when she needs me and be there for her...but how could I be there for her if there was nothing I needed to be there for? So I left. >.< this man was wrong to do what he did but at least my logic makes sense. then I find something on the internet that she said and my feelings for her redeveloped but soon began to fade as I began speaking to her again. Now we dont talk, Im ignoring her, she doesnt need me. She says she does but she doesnt, I can feel it. Shes trying to protect my feelings and I dont need that.


September 17, 2012 • by Ray

you were wrong in loving an immature guy who left you when you needed him the most. He is for sure not the one who could have been your dream man. Forget him and concentrate on your career. He is no way going to realise your love or going to return back to you. Be practical and look for other 'trustworthy and loyal' people around you :)


August 21, 2012 • by Prince

Hi Anya..
Sorry if i hurt ur feeling during my next lines..

U said that the Guy was enough mature to take care of ur all worries.. but i dnt think so. talking wisely, responding carefully etc.. all are very common senses today, its come from TV shows/movies/internet/gossips with friends.But when things appears in life in front of u, then its matter how maturely u faced and solved the problem.

Same thing i realised in ur story.. Guy was influence by theory classes.. and when he faced some realistic condition, he moved away and dint told u the reason.It shows how matured he was.

In love its happened but u hv to be mature enough and go ahead with ur dreams and career. Never think about past bcoz its always painful.

Gud Luck for Your Future.

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Love leaves you when you need it the most

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