Love leaves you when you need it the most

by Anaya True stories Separation 5 comments

Some people strangely become part of your daily life and it becomes quite impossible to live when they leave. I was 21 then when he entered in my life like a family friend. I dint know that this guy was going to change my life completly. The weirdest thing about him was his age, he was 17. We started talking like family friends and then i dont know how and when we became quite good buddies. Twenty four hours a day we used to chat , call or text each other.

Like i shared secrets of my life with him and he too showed much care and affection. But a guilt always remained there in my heart, i was affraid to confess and yes the reason was his age. Many times i quit, i went away from him in a hope to never return back. But damn, i was addicted, i couldnt help myself and everytime ran back to him . These frequent exists annoyed him but somehow he forgave me everytime. We were never in a working relationship but there was something usaid between two of us. He lived in another city, so we were never able to meet and the mobile phone always remained the medium of our conversation. Though he was too young but he was mature enough to handle all my worries, a true and a kind hearted guy he was. We used to talk at late nights and i always felt him this close to me whenever he was on phone. Everything about him was special, the way he talked, laughed, got angry or behaved stubbornly, everything i loved. He said he wont leave me ever, he would be there for me everytime. But then one day he left, without giving any reason. This time he dint forgive me for my mistakes.

I tried to get him back in my life, but it was too late. He dint reply, he dint call and i lost the best person on this earth. I know i will never be able to see or talk to him again but i am still dying to know the reason, why the hell he left when he said he wont. I still remember all those words which made me believe that whatever the circumstances might become, he wont change. Where is that person who became my world and whose exist was as sudden and dramatic as his entry in my life. I know i was wrong in loving a boy who was four years younger to me but again who told me '' its all right, there is nothing wrong in this relationship''. It was you. At last my fears came true. You are gone and i am still standing here like an accused. You came when i dind need your love, your care and your attention. And you deprived me of all these things when i became addicted. This is cheating damn. Its realy unfair. Come back, life is nothing without you. :(