Desperate in love

by RA True stories Separation 4 comments

Hi, I am here today to share with you my story, I have been searching for love since I was a kid, I am now 29 years and I was not good in relationship, I am now on my bed writing to you and crying, feeling defeated and angry, wish i can do something to hurt the one i loved just to make him feel what i feel now.

I met this guy last year, and he touched my heart very deeply. I was afraid to go on with him because i do not want to be hurt again.

He kept telling me that i wont regret my life with him, we had so much fun and truly loved each other, we had the best year together. He was afraid to leave him, because he kept telling me how much he loves me.

One day he told me that he had a chance to leave the country for a job and he will be away for a long time, he told me to wait for him, because he loves me and he will never love anyone but me.

We said goodbye i told him that i love him and ill be waiting for him to get married and to live happily ever after.

after one month he changed, he send me a pic of him on viber and i was shocked that also sent it to another girl she used to work with him. I have asked him y he sent it, he told me by mistake in that time i felt that he is cheating on me and all the promises he made to me was a big lie, we had a fight, we did not contact for almost 12 days, I sent him and told him if this is a break up, he text me back and told me that he wants to be alone and wants to focus more in his new work and we can be just friends, when i got this i was angry and sad, i do not know what to do, I still in shock i wish i can c him again and tell him how much i really love him and i can forget the old days we have spend.

I wish him back because i need him so much.