I Met Him In A Game

by TheGirlYouForgotten True stories Separation 9 comments

First of all. I know much of you will say or think that I'm pathetic for falling in love with a guy whom I've never met. But, if you were on my place i think you'd understand.

Okay, let me begin.

It all started when I downloaded this game on my phone. It's called Party In My Dorm/PIMD. It's a great game though. Okay back to the topic. It was September 7, 2013 when I followed someone on that game. I didn't expect him to follow me back though. But he did.

So, every night we chatted non-stop. Even though that game doesnt have a picture of whom your talking to, i didnt care. I just felt it. He was so sweet, kind, smart and mature. I'm 17 and his 21 then. I live in Philippines and he lives in England.

So every day an night we always talk to eah other through that game. As time passes by I know I'm having this weird feelings because I always think about him everytime. When I was at school, at home before going to bed. He's driving me insane.

He's just so sweet and his not a perv. But the thing is. Theres a lot of girls there who confessed to him. That broke my heart. But he rejected them, so im fine. Lol. It never crossed my mind to tell him my real feelings because i dont ant our friendship to be ruined just like that.

I was very happy because we've been talking for 3 months now. But then something happened. I found out he and the other girl who also played that game became a thing. They were bf and gf. That broke me. To think that i know him for 3 months and he knows her for like 1 month. And they became official?

I dont care if its just a game but ugh. I'm pathetic. So i tried to hide that im hurt. Sometimes he also talked to me through Kik. I will never forget the day he told me that i'm pretty :)

Days passed by and he forgot about me. To think that he told me to keep in touch while he was the one who forget. Psh.

I resetted my account on that game. I cant handle it anymore. Then i found out they broke up. I dont know the reason. Then he also resette the game. After that i havent heard anything from him ever again.

I missed him. A lot. And ive never given the chance to tell him that i like him. Up until now Febuary 2,2014 i still think about him. Ut i gues he already forgotten about me.

Silly me. I fell inlove with him. He doesnt even know. And now we dont talk anymore. I missed those nights where he would tell me everything. And now. Its gone. Forever.

I hope i forget him soon.